Tina Tobago: The double life of this nurse, Crazy Horse dancer at night

Why choose only one profession when you can do both? The young and pretty Daniella did not need to decide between her two passions: she is a nurse by day … and a dancer of the Crazy Horse the night. On the stage of the famous Parisian cabaret, she calls herself Tina Tobago. A funny life that the 33-year-old tells in the latest edition of the magazine Close, of December 31, 2021.

So small, Daniella first wanted to become a nurse, it was to do like her grandmother, also a caregiver. Then, at 12, it was when she saw a Crazy Horse video that she discovered her second vocation: “I was immediately fascinated by the way the dancers moved, what they gave off …“She first obtained her nursing diploma at 22 years old.

Then, four years later, she tried her luck at Crazy Horse Paris. Flexibility and dance, she already masters thanks to her long years of rhythmic gymnastics practice, during which she nevertheless won the title of vice-champion of France. But she also needs the measurements required for cabaret dancers: measure between 1.68m and 1.73m, with two-thirds of the body in leg length and 21 cm between the tips of the breasts.

Her successful casting, Daniella joined the troupe in 2017 and chose the name of Tina Tobago, which not only refers to Tina Turner, but also to the West Indies island where she is from. Since then, she has performed twenty-four nights a month while putting on her white blouse during the day. “I combine my two passions, it’s a great chance, especially since one appeals to my brain, the other to my body. It’s complementary and it suits me very well.“But on her well-stocked Instagram account, she poses more in fine lingerie than in nursing clothes …

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