Tinder Online: Instead of on your smartphone, you can flirt on your PC and laptop


If you find using Tinder on your cell phone too cumbersome, you can also use the dating platform on your PC and laptop. And this is how it works.

  1. Use Tinder in the browser
  2. Start the app on the PC using an emulator

  3. Tinder is ready? This is how you find the best way to get started

If you find it difficult to view the small profile pictures of your potential partners on the dating app Tinder on your cell phone, you can also use the dating app conveniently on your PC or notebook. The same functions are available here as on smartphones and tablets.

The service offers you its own web app that you can access via your internet browser. To do this, follow the external link to the Tinder Online homepage and the steps in our instructions.

If logging in via the browser doesn’t work, you should try again later. There may be a problem with the dating app Tinder at the moment. If it doesn’t work even after waiting, there is one second method to get smartphone apps on the computer to use.

Use Tinder on your PC via an emulator

Emulators run full operating systems on your computer. Programs like BlueStacks or Andy simulate Android on Windows and Mac. The perfect conditions for running smartphone apps on your computer.


BlueStacks runs Android apps on Windows and Mac. To do this, the software creates a virtual machine.


We particularly recommend the BlueStacks program, as this is the quickest way to reach your goal as you can skip setting up the virtual cell phone. Enter your Google account login details in the Google Play Store and search for Tinder. If you can’t find the app straight away, you can download Tinder from our software archive.

Now you have to log in to the emulated Tinder app using your mobile phone number or your Facebook account. The principle is similar to that of the instruction step above. You then use the mouse to enter fingertips in the app. You rely on the connected keyboard to write.

Tinder is ready? This is how you find the best way to get started

On netzwelt you can also find out how you can use Tinder without Facebook. Are there just no matches in your area on Tinder? Then we tested other dating apps for you and compared them with each other. If you’re at a loss for words, we’ll tell you the best flirting sayings for Tinder on the next page.

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