Tinker Easter cards: templates and instructions


Print out the cute Easter card


Not only Christmas is a busy surprise, there are also gifts at Easter! However, if you want to save yourself the big search for a little attention or just want to send a little Easter greeting, we have the right craft template for you: an Easter card with a cute Easter bunny face.

The special thing about this greeting card: The free, sticking out ears. Cut out the ears, fold the card and let the ears protrude sweetly over the edge. Sounds good?

For this you do not need a stencil, no construction paper or you have to paint the whole thing at the end: Simply download the PDF for the greeting card here, save it, print it on white paper, cut it out. The special Easter card is ready – if you want, you can also stick on funny loose eyes.

Creative: make your own cards

If you want your Easter greetings to be more personal, you can of course also tinker and design them yourself. There are no limits to your imagination. Whether you take your folding card out Construction paper with a self-painted Easter egg, with colorful paper scraps, fake grass strip, funny loose eyes, colored cotton balls or simply decorated with your children's fingerprints is entirely up to you.

We have looked for nice inspirations for homemade Easter cards and present you here the best ideas for greeting cards for Easter from Pinterest:

Make cards yourself with an Easter egg from construction paper

Simply cut out colorful stripes, stick on and then close the folding card with a frame. An Easter egg is so easy to make. Write a nice Easter greeting or funny Easter sayings on the DIY card – done.

Homemade Easter cards with colored cotton balls

Simple Easter handicrafts with a big impact: small cotton balls turn into fluffy chicks and bunnies with a little bit of color. Glue the whole thing on paper or cardboard and stick with it Felt pens or Watercolors label. If you want, you can still put the cute little animals on grass. Simply cut out artificial grass strips and stick on.

Easter cards with children's fingerprints

Making our kids' handprints is fun, but a fingerprint is enough for Easter. With these cute chicks, into which you transform the fingerprints of your little fellow craftsmen, you are guaranteed to win the hearts of everyone to whom you send the DIY card. Felt tip pens are best for painting the faces.

Easter cards made of wrapping paper

Instead of construction paper, we can also use Wrapping paper work. Whether Easter egg, Easter bunny or flower – this technique works with all motifs that you can imagine for your Easter greetings.

DIY cards from color cards

Color cards with patterns save you painting. Without much effort you can conjure up a cute folding card that convinces with originality. You only need a template for your individual pattern or draw it up freehand, cut it out – done. Pretty loops out Natural bast can also be attached to the card.

Have fun trying, tinkering and sending. We wish you happy Easter! You can find even more DIY ideas for Easter here: make Easter decorations yourself, fold napkins for Easter and paint Easter eggs.

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