Tinker Easter gifts: the most beautiful ideas


Whether your best friend or family – everyone looks forward to a little greeting for Easter! In order to be able to make small Easter gifts, in most cases it doesn't even require a lot of preparation: Often a few simple handicraft materials are enough and after a few simple steps, the master lamp can hop around …

Tinker Easter gifts: a small flower greeting

The flower greeting from eggshells makes something special on every set Easter table and lets spring move in:


For this you need:

  • Egg carton (painted)
  • white eggs
  • waterproof pen
  • Flowers

That's how it's done:

  1. For crafting, the eggs are blown out and cleaned and then whipped in at the top.
  2. Then you paint faces on the eggs with a waterproof pen.
  3. Finally, fill in some water and put small flowers in the egg vases. The Easter surprise is ready!

Easter gifts for kitchen lovers

Herbs fresh from the egg – everyone likes such a pretty little herb bed! Thoroughly cleans the blown-out eggs and then fills them with soil. Then sow cress and in just a few days the gardener's happiness should be visible!

Easter gifts for DIY fans

Thread picture with Easter motif

For a thread picture you need:

  • a wooden base / tree slice
  • Nails
  • hammer
  • Wool / yarn

That's how it's done:

  1. First transfer your motif to the wood. If you can't draw freehand so well, just cut out a popular Easter motif from paper and trace the outline.
  2. Then you hammer in nails at regular intervals. Make sure that they sit evenly deep.
  3. Then you knot the beginning of the thread on a nail and then begin to stretch it crisscross the nails. So that the thread pattern is more stable, you can put a loop around individual nails.
  4. Now the entire outline of the motif can be drawn again with the thread. To do this, it runs the thread partially along the inside and outside of the nails – this is the only way to get hold.
  5. Knots the end at the end.

Tinker Easter bunnies

These little Easter bunnies hide throughout the apartment at Easter: whether on the Easter table, in the Easter basket and in the flower arrangement, or with a safety pin on your Easter outfit. And the nice thing about it: They are all individually designed.

You need:

That's how it's done:

  1. Cut the motif out of craft felt twice for an Easter bunny.
  2. Embroider the face of the Easter Bunny on the front felt.
  3. Then begins to sew the two blanks together with a simple lockstitch. After each round you add some cotton wool until you have surrounded the motif with the lockstitch.

Funny Easter eggs and egg cups

These funny painted Easter eggs and the stylish egg shells really delight us!

  • You can easily make the eggshells by pulling wooden balls onto a ribbon and knotting the ribbon at the end.
  • The Easter eggs can be made into a small animal colony in individual steps: The best way to use your eyes, nose and mouth is to use a fine, waterproof pen. Acrylic paints and brushes are also required for the penguin and panda.

Today there is a lucky egg …

A lucky egg instead of a fortune cookie – that brings double happiness and can also be made quickly yourself. Blow out white eggs and put a small piece of paper with a nice saying in the hole.

Sweet Easter surprises

Easter bunnies from filter bags

All sorts of little treats hide in these Easter bunnies, which you can easily make out of coffee filter bags. First paint an Easter bunny face on the filter bags, then fill them and then tie them with colored ribbon.

Glass with delicacies

Clean screw jars can be nicely staged: filled with delicious delicacies and embellished with some Easter grass, these Easter nests only have to be hidden well until Easter …

Tinker Easter gifts: More gift ideas

Here you will find other ideas that are nicely packed as a gift:

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