Tinker school cones: ideas and instructions

Tinker school cone
Ideas and instructions

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The highlight at school enrollment is the school cone. And to make it pretty, we can easily make it ourselves. Here you will find great ideas for making school cones.

Only the best for our little ones! If it should be the handicraft set with horse motifs or rather the handicraft set with dinosaurs, then we will be happy to fulfill your wishes. At Craft kits the motifs are already pre-cut and we can glue everything on without a lot of clipping.

For all hobby hobbyists, however, it does not have to be a bought handicraft set. We can Make school cones easily yourself, even without a craft kit. We’ll show you step by step how this works.

Make school bags with pompom hair clips

What we need for the first grader school cone:

  • blank in white, 70 cm (the children can of course choose the color of the school cone blanks themselves.)
  • Hair clips
  • Striped fabric
  • pink and yellow bias tape
  • Glossy paper, different colors (alternatively colored crepe paper)
  • Wool, Pompom maker
  • Glue, double-sided tape
  • pink sample clips (4 and 8 mm)
  • Circle cutter

Tinker school cone: Instructions for the pompom bobby pin school cone

  1. Glue the school cone (also called handicraft cone) with circles of glossy paper.
  2. Measure the yellow bias tape, sew it together and fix it to the bag (poke small holes) with the sample clips.
  3. Make pompoms according to the instructions, fix them to the hair clips, put two pompoms on the ends of a piece of bias tape (pink).
  4. Measure the circumference of the bag opening, cut the striped fabric plus 2 cm seam allowance.
  5. Close the seam, sewing the pink ribbon in the middle. Border the upper and lower edges with bias tape (fold over and sew on).
  6. Fix the fabric to the edge of the bag with double-sided adhesive tape, press down firmly.

Make school cones with cool robots

What we need for the first grader school cone:

  • School cone blank in blue
  • Robot pattern fabric, 50 cm
  • Velor iron-on robot
  • Have the name and date (here in the font “Transistor”) copied onto transfer foil in the copy shop
  • red bias tape
  • Wallpaper paste
  • double-sided tape

Tinker school cone: Instructions for making the robot school cone

  1. Make the fabric finish as with the girl’s bag and fix it on the blank.
  2. Stick on the lettering at the desired height.
  3. Cut out the velor robot at a distance of 1 cm and attach it to the bag with the double-sided adhesive tape.
  4. The top of the bag is also decorated with fabric: border the upper edge with bias tape (fold and sew), brush with wallpaper paste and glue on.

Make a school cone: Pinterest inspiration

Unicorn school cones for little ones princesses

We can also decorate a DIY handicraft school bag with the children’s favorite characters. So how about a unicorn to start school?

Mermaid school cones for mermaids

The mermaid is also popular on the school cones and brings joy and a little bit of sea magic.

Rocket school bags for little astronauts

Blanks can also be turned into cool rockets. This means that the first grader is looking forward to starting school even more.

School cones for little footballers

Of course, we can order handicraft sets that include all materials. An individual combination is also very easy – and a little more creative. Whether made of smooth cardboard, crepe paper or corrugated cardboard – there are no limits to creativity.

DIY sugar bags to nibble on

In addition to DIY school cones, the sugar cone can also be designed individually. The kids are guaranteed to have nothing against an edible sugar cone. 😏

Or would you prefer a square handicraft school bag?

With the blanks, we don’t always have to go for the round version, they can also be angular. But what goes in the school cone? Sweet ideas for the content and gifts for school enrollment can be found here: Fill the school cone.

We can not only make creative school cones from handicraft paper, but also decorate our little ones’ rooms. You can find cool DIY ideas on our Pinterest bulletin board.


Tinker school cones: ideas and instructions

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