Tiny11: the light version of Windows 11 23H2 is still losing weight and it’s amazing!

Corentin Béchade

November 28, 2023 at 10:16 a.m.


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Tiny11 (further) reduces the size needed to install Windows 11 © PixieMe / Shutterstock

And if Windows 11 took up even less space than usual on your disk? The new version of Tiny11 underwent a drastic slimming treatment.

We hardly present it anymore. Tiny11, an alternative version of Windows 11 intended for less powerful machines, has just made headlines again. The latest version of the system put online further reduces the space taken up by the OS on your disk by 20% (and also the time it takes for the image to be downloaded incidentally).

3.5 GB on the clock

Still developed by NTDEV, this new version of the OS only weighs 3.5 GB at download (compared to 6.2 for the full version of Windows 11). Tiny11 2311, its full name, is still based on version 23H2 of Windows and can boast of offering a “in perfect working order» with support for updates and most Windows 11 features.

To successfully reduce the system footprint, most of the “native” Windows 11 features have been uninstalled here. All remain available if the user wishes, but the quantity of preinstalled programs is reduced to the strict minimum. “As with the previous version, components such as Xbox functionality have been stripped down to their simplest form, but installing an Xbox game makes them fully functional» explains NTDEV in detail on the presentation page of its OS.

Some DIY required

The same goes for Copilot, Microsoft’s virtual assistant powered by AI. To take advantage of it, simply install Microsoft Edge via the Winget tool (which allows downloading packages from the command line). The compromises made by Tiny11 make it a system that is sometimes less instinctive and ergonomic than Windows 11 in its classic version, but the feat of its developer still deserves to be highlighted as this project allows you to have a functional Windows 11 on a fraction of the space that a complete installation would take.

Obviously, Tiny11 comes with many limitations, but it is still possible to install and use it on a good number of machines as long as you are not too afraid to get your hands dirty. And if you want to create a lightweight Windows yourself, it’s also possible thanks to a complete tutorial posted online by the developer of Tiny 11 himself.

Source : Archive.org

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