Tinykin: the game universe presented in detail by the developers

After the excellent Splasher, Splashteam unveiled during theE3 2021 Tinykin, a platform game inspired by pikmine who will take us alongside Milo, adventurer stranded on an alien planet and who will have to help himself with small creatures to return home.

After a video dedicated to gameplay, Splashteam is back with a second narrated trailer, which focuses on the game universe this time. Romain Claude and Marie Marquet, co-founders of the studio, once again take the floor to present this atypical world, inspired by pikmine, but also by Paper Mario and 90s cartoons. In Tinykin, Milo will have to explore each room of a large house, each time with new puzzles to solve, but above all cultures and civilizations to discover, enough to vary the pleasures over the course of the adventure. Fortunately, there will be Tinykin to help him, small creatures moving in swarms that can lift heavy loads, build ladders and unlock new passages to advance in the level. Milo is not to be outdone, with a bubble glider and a bar of soap serving as a surfboard.

Tinykin is expected in the summer of 2022, on PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can find cards NHP on Amazon.

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