Tips and ideas – order in the children’s room? It’s that easy

Order in the children’s room often seems to us to be something unattainable. There are great methods that we can use to achieve success. Would you like some ideas? Here is a small selection.

1. It is very innovative, like in kindergarten, to combine a certain music with tidying up. So every time the music starts playing, the child will practically put the things they are no longer playing with back in their places by themselves. Music can never be wrong.2. Then it also helps to store some of the toys in the basement. So the child always has access to their favorite toys when they want to. Too many toys create a feeling of tightness (especially for parents) …3. Telling the child to “clean up your room” is counterproductive. That’s too big a task all at once. But if you say: “Put away the cars” or “Put away the dolls”, then it is also easier for the child to understand what he has to do. And so you can put everything together category by category. It’s no different with us adults: the tasks can only be completed piece by piece.4. A colored dot on each toy: what is marked in yellow goes in the yellow box. Things with a blue dot in the blue closet. The tidying up is then structured logically.5. A junk box, or a treasure chest for all the things that we would throw in the dustbin at first glance, but are of great importance to the child, pine cones, chestnuts, found stones. 6. It is important that tidying up becomes a regular occurrence. Five minutes every day works wonders. Here are a few products that may be helpful to you: Wooden treasure chest with lock40 x 19 x 22 cm€29.99Click here for the treasure chest.BRYNNBERG “Watson” treasure chest38 cm x 23 cm x 27 cm€35.99Click here for the treasure chest. Pelikan 720250 cover paint box K12, 12 colors + 1 tube of cover white, 1 piece-35%9.06 €Here you go to the paint box.The magical clean-up book: let go, create order, breathe deeply.The perfect gift for everyone who finally wants to create order.10 .27€Click here for the book.Tidiness Quickies: Simple tidying up projects for in between Everyone wants a home where they feel good.As a certified tidying coach, Dagmar Schäfer knows: tidiness has a decisive influence on our well-being.But where to start?14.39€ Click here for the book Amazon Basics Storage Rack with 4 Height Adjustable Shelves and Adjustable Leveling Feet – Max Weight 640 kg, Black€47.35Click here for the cabinetBrain Power,Classical Music For studying and concentrating€9.99Click here for Mu sik.More product recommendations can be found in our comparison portal, offers and discounts can be found in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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