Tips and tricks: women who wear glasses must bear this in mind when doing makeup

How does the right eye make-up work with glasses? Whether nearsighted or farsighted, whether striking or filigree glasses, these are the best tips.

Many people who wear glasses find it difficult to make-up. Often glasses emphasize dark shadows under the eyes, which is why every wearer of glasses should first have a good concealer. And depending on whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, wearing extravagant or discreet glasses: different tricks apply to every situation.

Nearsighted? Then this make-up is ideal

Myopia wearers of glasses have the problem that their eyes appear smaller through the glasses. Therefore, in this case, shimmering eye make-up is best, because it reflects the light and makes the eyes appear larger. Light tones are ideal to open up the view, and the eyeshadow can also be spread over the crease of the eyelid in myopic people. On the other hand, you should completely avoid dark kohl on the lower eyelid, it is better to emphasize it with a light eyeliner.

Farsighted? Women can't go wrong with matte eyeshadow

Far-sighted women who wear glasses have to struggle with the opposite – the glasses make the eyes behind them appear a lot bigger than they really are. Matt eyeshadows in dark, earthy shades of color help here. These have the effect of making the eyes look smaller and thus counteracting the unnatural enlargement caused by the glasses. It is important that the transitions from the eyeshadow to the skin are flowing and soft. In addition, the eyeshadow should only be applied to the crease.

Less is more

If you wear eye-catching glasses, you should be a little more economical with make-up and decide whether you want to focus on the eyes or the lips – but under no circumstances should both areas be emphasized. For glasses with a wide and dark frame, it is advantageous to concentrate on accentuating the lips and only emphasizing the eyes with a little mascara. Otherwise the eye make-up will quickly appear overloaded and give the wearer a slightly gloomy expression.

The right make-up for filigree glasses

For women who wear glasses with filigree or frameless models, it may be a little more eye make-up. Eye shadows in trendy bright colors or a cat-eye eyeliner also come into their own in combination with these models. Otherwise, the same make-up rules apply as for near-sighted and farsighted people.

Accentuate the eyebrows properly

The eyebrows must be plucked into shape according to the glasses model. The following applies: For glasses with a straight upper edge, the curve should be as precise as possible; for curved and round models, the curve should be adapted to the shape of the glasses if possible. With models that cover the brows, you should make sure that any hair that has grown back is neatly plucked.