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Wearing your mask for several hours can irritate the back of the ears. To avoid these pains, there are a few simple tips.

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Since the first phase of deconfinement, the wearing of a mask has been made compulsory in public transport, in many shops or in schools. After a few hours, it can annoy and hurt the ears.

So how to avoidearache when wearing a mask ? To avoid irritating them, here are some practical tips circulating on the Internet.

The paper clip tip for not hurting your ears with a mask

A very simple trick makes it possible to avoid the pains linked to the wearing of the mask: the paper clip. Rather than placing the rubber bands around the ears, use the paper clip to attach them to the back of your head. It's not the most aesthetic thing, but it works pretty well!

This also allows you to adjust the mask to prevent fogging on the glasses.

Mask clips to avoid ear pain

The paper clip is the easiest and quickest trick, but for those who are more skilled with their hands, there are other solutions. You can make a fabric mask clip or crochet, with two buttons.

Once placed behind the head, this extension relieves the back of the ears.

If DIY is not really your thing, many creators have designed headbands, masks and other devices to take care of your ears, while respecting health regulations.

Back to the Nature mask clip, Etsy, € 3 per unit

Mask fastener for children, Etsy, € 1.50 per unit

You can also find adjustable mask clips on Amazon. They allow to adapt to all head sizes, children and adults.

Lot of 10 hooks for masks, € 3.99 on Amazon

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Video by Clemence chevallet

by Marion Dos Santos Clara