to celebrate the 20 years of the series, the actors make a

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Great news for fans of the cult Malcolm series! The actors will soon be celebrating the 20th anniversary of this cult television program. For this, they prepare a surprise for the fans.

by Melanie Bonvard

Macolm is a series that has marked a whole generation of spectators. In France, we rushed to watch TV to put M6 at noon and watch the new episode of the American series. This family represented a bit of all families. We became attached to the characters, although eccentric and unusual at the same time, and we identified with them. The four boys were real terrors, Hal was an ever surprising father and Lois played the mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown but who had a deep love for her children and her husband. Malcolm, it was funny, sweet and completely delusional at the same time. Despite the end of the series, we have never forgotten how it marked a significant number of viewers.

Getting old ! The series celebrates its 20th anniversary this year … Just that! During many seasons, we saw the young actors, going from childhood to adolescence, then to adulthood. Since the end of the series, everyone has taken different paths. Some were less publicized, others surprised us. Among these, we also count Bryan Cranson who, since, has not ceased to impress his audience. We remember his impressive performance in the series breaking Bad which, in turn, has become cult. The American actor, now 64, looked back on the success of Malcolm very recently. On Instagram, he announced that he wanted to celebrate the 20 years of this series of the 2000s. After being infected with Covid-19, he invited his followers to imagine Malcolm's family in confinement. Obviously, we all agree that it would have made sparks. Bryan Cranston explains on his Instagram account: "We're there … all stranded by five months of quarantine. Can you imagine how much Hal would have become totally hammered into Malcolm if he had had to get stuck with his five boy antics? I smile just thinking about it."

Times being difficult, Bryan Cranston announced that he wanted to change the ideas of Internet users by organizing a reunion of the cast of Malcolm : "If you are missing a bit of nonsense in your life, come see us on Saturday evening August 8 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the series. The cast is back !! This time we will do the pilot reading on Zoom. All of this is imagined by Linwood Boomer, the creator of our series, to benefit his charity HealingCalifornia, a fantastic organization that provides medical, dental and eye care to those in need."This surprise did not, of course, go unnoticed.

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