To drink alone or in cocktail, the selection of Proseccos from the “World”

Less than 10 €

Signoria dei Dogi, rosé, 2020

This prosecco has the lowest price among those we have tasted. It arouses interest in more than one way. Its pale rose petal color, its ripe notes of fresh-fleshed peach and its joyful, even playful effervescence, make it a welcoming wine. The one we take out for passing friends at any time of the day. Because it must be said: its texture is straightforward, and therefore very opportune to say welcome.

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Riccadonna, extra-dry

Owned by Campari since 2003, the number one proseccos in France does the job. Perfectly balanced, with a hint of spices that enhances the whole, this extra-dry is however better as a cocktail base than to drink alone. This is because it represents an ideal raw material to welcome the bitterness of Campari. It is even designed with this in mind.

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Cantina Colli Euganei, extra-dry

In the center of Veneto, this cooperative cellar produces a prosecco of character that does not leave indifferent. Its peppery notes pleasantly titillate the nose. As the whole is rather based on a firm acidity, it is preferred in cocktails. Alone, with his liveliness that stays on for a long time, he’s not bad either!

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Bolla, extra-dry

With its fruity power, this prosecco presents itself as a seducer. Notes of peach, above all, lemon, too, and voila. It looks like an orchard in autumn, with its ripe scents of pear and apple ready to fall. The persistence is long as this aromatic world is intense. In addition, its foam is so dense that it is well suited to the spritz. Guaranteed irresistible cocktail.

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Perlino, organic, extra-dry

If you like flattery – who can resist it? -, we inevitably like this wine which gives off sweet aromas of peach. This prosecco does not draw towards grandeur, but towards simple balance and gourmet roundness. It is nonetheless persistent thanks to its fruity liveliness.

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Santi, valdobbiadene, extra-dry, 2020

With its fragrances as aromatic as they are delicate and its taste complexity, between notes of white flowers, almonds and frangipane, this prosecco is definitely to be tasted pure. Its elegance is based on finesse, persistence and liveliness. A beautiful effervescent that can also be served with Asian dishes.

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