To meet the 1.5 degree target: Baerbock calls for a climate check for laws

To meet the 1.5 degree target
Baerbock calls for a climate check for laws

Annalena Baerbock wants climate protection to become the benchmark for the entire federal government. The Green leader is therefore calling for a binding climate check for all laws that will be passed by a future traffic light coalition.

The Greens chairman Annalena Baerbock is demanding a binding climate check from a future traffic light coalition before passing laws. “If a federal government decides to do everything to ensure that Germany comes on a 1.5-degree path, then it cannot be that you close your eyes when a ministry presents laws that are clearly different from it,” said Baerbock to the editorial network Germany.

“Just as we check whether projects can be financed, we also need a binding climate check.” Baerbock added: “Climate protection must be the label, but above all the yardstick for the entire federal government.” Fulfilling the Paris climate protection agreement is the responsibility of the SPD, FDP and the Greens. “The task has to run across all departments. No ministry should avoid it.”

In his own words, Baerbock nevertheless assumes that the climate protection policy of the new federal government will initially not have any relevant noticeable impact on CO2 emissions. “Part of the truth is that the reports in the next two or three years will initially be ugly,” she said, referring to the annual emissions reports from the Federal Environment Agency. “That is the result of the standstill in climate protection in recent years, for example in the transport sector, in which emissions have not fallen for decades.”

For fear of bad numbers, one cannot shirk responsibility, but has to spark a new dynamic in climate protection in order to be able to get on the 1.5 degree path at all. “It will not end in 2025, it will be a task for decades,” said Baerbock.

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