To respect the female body, she creates panties that preserve the vaginal flora


After spending years looking for healthy panties for the vaginal flora that also respected her wallet and sense of style, Clémence Cornet herself created the panties of the future to take care of women's bodies.

If in terms of beauty and well-being, women tend more and more to turn to products that respect their skin, we do not always think that clothing can also be toxic. In fact, more than half of clothes have significant exposure to all kinds of toxic substances. This results from the nature of the raw materials but also from the different treatments on the production line. For example, there are pesticides, bleaching agents, chemical dyes and other substances that are harmful to our skin and our body.

Subject to intimate problems due to these toxic products, Clémence Cornet has found the solution to her problems. A doctor advised her to simply wear certified cotton panties and this "changed his life" ! This is why she wanted to go further and help other women preserve their vaginal flora, their skin and their health in general by launching ethical and circular panties, ultra soft and healthy.

Her brand Muse Underwear offers underwear made of modal. This very soft material is obtained from beech wood from sustainable forests, chemically transformed with recycled products and 99% recyclable. Modal is a soft, biodegradable and compostable fiber that preserves the skin's natural hydration and prevents the vulva from drying out. These panties present 10 times less bacteria growth than cotton and 2000 times less than synthetic underwear. Thus, there is much less risk of yeast infections, infections or even eczema.

Clémence Cornet focused on the panties because it is the very first item of clothing in contact with our skin. Muse Underwear is an ethical brand that takes into account 3 essential criteria when manufacturing panties: the well-being of the workforce, the preservation of the environment, and the quality of the finished products. The designer aims to create a new kind of lingerie and to fight against the hyper-sexualization of women in favor of equal rights between men and women. However, she doesn't intend to say goodbye to style! Clémence Cornet intends to offer her clients underwear whose cut sublimates the bust, hips and buttocks to have self-confidence and to feel sexy. Panties Muse Underwear are currently in preorder on to wrap yourself in softness while remaining stylish!

Practical and eco-friendly, period panties revolutionize our rules

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