Today at Lidl (September 29): New bargains are on the shelves

At Lidl there are new bargains again. (Image source: IMAGO / Michael Gstettenbauer)

From today, September 29th, Lidl is again offering some new products in its branches and online shop. We have selected the best offers for our overview.


New bargains at Lidl from September 29th

This week, technology and the kitchen are the focus at Lidl.

    • 4K TV from LG for 329 euros. The television offers a screen diagonal of 43 inches and an Ultra HD resolution. The smart TV is normally offered for 499 euros.
    • Smart TV for 139 euros. The smart TV from Telefunken is smaller and has a lower resolution, but is even cheaper. 32 inches are available as a screen diagonal.
    • Bluetooth speaker for 17.99 euros. Provides up to 16 hours of music play at a distance of up to 10 m from the music source. Available in two colors.
    • In ear headphones for 19.99 euros. At least 5 euros cheaper than usual are the earbuds, which have a playback time of up to 4.5 hours with one battery charge.
    • smartwatch for 56.99 euros. With GPS and heart rate monitor. The watch is dust and water resistant according to the IP68 standard. Several sports modes are included.
    • fitness tracker for 24.99 euros. With pulse measurement on the wrist by an optical sensor. Steps, kilometers, calories, activity duration and sleep times are recorded.
    • Wake-up light with DAB+ for 34.99 euros. Wake up to light, nature sounds or the integrated DAB+ radio. 60 station presets are available.
New offers at Lidl (Image source: Lidl)
  • rotary razor for 54.99 euros. Reduced by a full 38 percent. Suitable for dry and wet shaving, with integrated nose and ear hair trimmer.
  • hair trimmer for 14.99 euros. It actually costs 27.99 euros, but Lidl is now offering it 46 percent cheaper. With detachable cutting unit.
  • hand steamer for 29.99 euros. Provides up to 1000 watts and offers a capacity of 100 ml. Price reduced by a quarter.
  • cordless vacuum cleaner for 129 euros. Comes charged for a runtime of 40 minutes, the capacity is around 400ml according to Lidl.
  • Tefal pan for 24.99 euros. From the Jamie Oliver series. The pan is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 24 cm.
  • Tefal wok pan for 34.99 euros. Suitable for all types of cookers. The manufacturer has also thought of a non-stick coating for the 28 cm pan.
  • Tefal serving pan for 39.99 euros. Reduced by a full 71 percent. The pan has a diameter of 25 cm and can be put in the dishwasher.
  • car garage for 6.99 euros. Protects the car in bad weather. Weather and temperature resistant from -40 to +70° C.
  • trunk bag for 4.99 euros. Can also be used as a dirt control mat. Only available in Lidl branches.

You probably didn’t know these facts about Lidl:

Older bargains at Lidl from September 26th

This week, the focus at Lidl is on the workshop and the bedroom.

  • Charger for 16.99 euros. Up to eight batteries can be charged here at the same time. Suitable for NiMH and NiCd batteries. An LC display provides information about the current charge status.
  • battery tester for 4.99 euros. Suitable for mignon (AA), micro (AAA), baby (C), mono (D) and 9 V block. LC display and volt scale are available.
  • LED solar spotlight for 19.99 euros. 50 LEDs are powered by a monocrystalline solar module. A motion detector is also included.
  • Post box with newspaper box for 39.99 euros. Consists of stainless steel and is rustproof. The mailbox has dimensions of 39.5 x 38 x 11.5 cm.
  • cordless drill driver for 19.99 euros. Has a two-speed gearbox with infinitely variable speed control.
  • Cordless pendulum jigsaw for 29.99 euros. Six selectable cutting angles are available. The integrated LED work light ensures more safety.
  • tool bag for 7.99 euros. The maximum capacity is 9 l, the load capacity is 8 kg. A shoulder strap is available.
  • metal tool box for 64.99 euros. In a stable metal case and including extensive, 92-part equipment. A cordless screwdriver is also included.
  • Screwdriver Set for 4.99 euros. The set consists of eight Phillips and slotted screwdrivers with magnetic tips.
  • hammer for 5.99 euros. Five variants are for sale. Customers have the choice between a mallet, locksmith’s hammer, carpenter’s hammer, rubber mallet and wooden mallet.
New offers at Lidl (Image source: Lidl)
  • Satin bed linen for 29.99 euros. Consists of 100 percent cotton and measures 200 x 135 cm.
  • fitted sheet for 9.99 euros. The sheet, which measures 200 x 90 – 100 cm, is 59 percent cheaper.
  • Satin pillowcase set for 8.99 euros. Consists of two covers measuring 80 x 40 cm. They are made of 100 percent cotton.
  • blanket for 24.99 euros. Soft, easy-care and 73 percent cheaper than usual. Lidl offers four different colors.
  • Guest Towel Set for 5.99 euros. Two towels measuring 50 x 30 cm are included in the package.
  • bathrobe for 34.99 euros. Featuring a shawl collar, belt, two patch pockets and an embroidered logo.

Older bargains at Lidl from September 22nd

This week, the focus at Lidl is on the household and the workshop.

    • hand vacuum cleaner for 11.99 euros. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner otherwise costs 19.99 euros. The capacity is given as 400 ml.
    • steam cleaner for 79.99 euros. This Kärcher product, which does not use any chemicals, is also greatly reduced. A heat output of 1,500 watts can be expected.
    • Cordless window vacuum for 44.99 euros. The window vacuum including window cleaner concentrate is 33 percent cheaper. The battery life is around 25 minutes.
    • steam brush for 12.99 euros. Ready to use in just 60 seconds. Infinitely variable temperature control and a steam boost button are included.
    • mop set for 29.99 euros. The set consists of a mop, bucket and spare mop. Suitable for all floors.
    • Vacuum and floor mopping robot for 249 euros. Can be controlled via app. The robot is smart home compatible and automatically detects obstacles.
    • steam station for 99.99 euros. Lidl is offering the station, which has an output of 800 watts, reduced by more than half.
    • Washing machine for 299 euros. Equipped with a capacity of 8 kg and the new energy efficiency class C. The amount of water and washing time is adapted to the load.
    • water filter for 9.99 euros. Comes to a capacity of 2.4 l. The filters must be replaced after four weeks.
New offers at Lidl (Image source: Lidl)
  • cordless drill driver for 79.99 euros. With two-speed gearbox with continuously variable speed. 21 preselectable torque levels are available.
  • cordless jigsaw for 49.99 euros. Five cutting angles can be selected. Three high-quality saw blades are included in the package.
  • angle grinder for 17.99 euros. Still reduced by 10 percent. A connected load of 750 watts is offered.
  • Cordless paint spray gun for 39.99 euros. Offers a tank capacity of 1,000ml and a water flow rate of 700ml per minute.
  • Wet-dry vacuum cleaner for 49.99 euros. With a large container that has a volume of 19.8 l. The carrying handle can be folded up.
  • Tool wall organizer for 9.99 euros. Consists of three plastic wall panels. Holders, hooks and clips in different sizes are included in the package.
  • screwdriver set for 13.99 euros. Consists of 37 parts, 16 of which are different screwdrivers. A wall mount is also included.

Older bargains at Lidl from September 19th

This week, health is the focus at Lidl.

    • air cleaner for 59.99 euros. With air quality sensor and colored LED display. Particles and suspended matter are removed from the air.
    • Arm and leg trainer for 29.99 euros. For training at home or in the office. Arm and leg muscles are strengthened. The resistance can be infinitely adjusted.
    • sphygmomanometer for 17.99 euros. Can measure blood pressure and pulse and save 240 values. The measurement result is available in less than a minute.
    • pulse oximeter for 21.99 euros. For measuring blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. In addition to the finger heart rate monitor, there is an OLED display.
    • Contactless clinical thermometer for 21.99 euros. The infrared forehead thermometer at Lidl is 45 percent cheaper than usual.
    • gripping aid or walking stick for 7.99 euros. Consists of lightweight aluminum and offers an ergonomically designed handle.
    • grab handle for 9.99 euros. Can be loaded with up to 100 kg and ensures a secure hold. Lidl offers different models
    • Walker with LED light for 119 euros. The rollator with bell and LED light, which can be folded twice, has been reduced by more than half. The handles are height-adjustable in six stages.
New offers at Lidl (Image source: Lidl)
  • shower stool for 29.99 euros. The frame is made of aluminum and the seat is made of plastic. In addition to the shower stool, Lidl also offers a bathtub seat and a climbing aid.
  • neck support pillow for 7.99 euros. Provides pressure relief. The cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. There is also a knee pillow and a back pillow.
  • vein massager for 49.99 euros. Reduced by a whopping 66 percent. Equipped with swelling and deflating air cushions that stimulate blood circulation.
  • massage seat pad for 64.99 euros. It actually costs almost 160 euros. The pad, which has an output of 48 watts, offers three selectable massage zones.
  • active bandage for 11.99 euros. To support and relieve the lumbar spine. The lumbar pad can be individually positioned.
  • scales for 11.99 euros. Lidl offers the scale in two colors. The tread consists of safety glass and is suitable for a maximum of 180 kg.
  • shoulder heating pad for 19.99 euros. You can get it at Lidl for just 71 percent less. Six temperature levels are available for the shoulder and neck area.

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