Today on TV: For once not “Deadpool” – you shouldn’t miss this comic film adaptation with Ryan Reynolds


Today you can see Ryan Reynolds on TV again in a comic film adaptation. But for once he doesn’t put on his skin-tight “Deadpool” suit.

RIPD Rest in Peace Department (Source:

Ryan Reynolds has a real passion for comic book movies. We’ve already seen him in “Blade: Trinity”, “Green Lantern”, and in various films as Deadpool. But the film “RIPD – Rest in Peace Department” from 2013 is also based on a comic.

Instead of an anti-hero in a bright red suit, we see Reynolds as a dead cop who doesn’t have quite the clean slate we might want from a law enforcement officer. Reynolds once again gives us a character that is very reminiscent of his other roles. A fun film for your evening!

RIPD – Rest in Peace Department

at the May 16, 2024 around 8:15 p.m Clock

Hardened Boston cop Nick Walker is shot one day by his corrupt partner Bobby and finds himself in heaven. In the RIPD office, his new boss Procter explains to him what his future duties as a heavenly detective will be. Nick is supposed to track down undead souls, so-called “Deados”, on Earth and bring them to their final destination. For his new job, Nick is assigned the extremely gnarly Marshall Roy Pulsipher, who is more than unnerved about working with the young greenhorn from now on. The duo force themselves together and suddenly discover an apocalyptic conspiracy that has fatal consequences for the entire universe.

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May 18, 2024 10:05 am

RIPD – Rest in Peace Department

What is “RIPD – Rest in Peace Department” about?

The police officer Nick Walker is shot by his partner while on duty. Instead of the afterlife, he ends up in the “Rest in Peace Department” of heaven. Walker is supposed to finally transport undead souls to the afterlife. These include people who have died but wander the earth with a dead soul and contaminate the living in the process.

Walker and his new partner Roy get on the trail of a dangerous conspiracy that wants to bring about the end of the world.

“RIPD – Rest in Peace Department”: cast and information

The leading roles were played by the comic-savvy Ryan Reynolds and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges. The science fiction film about a slightly different special unit particularly shines with its special effects and action sequences.

  • The comedy is based on the comic of the same name by Peter M. Lenkov.
  • Zach Galifianakis was originally slated to play Roy Pulsipher and Jodie Foster was originally slated to play Mildred Proctor.
  • With a total box office gross of 64.7 million US dollars, only a third of the production costs, the film is considered a flop at the box office.

German director Robert Schwentke directed “RIPD” and spent a whopping $130 million to shoot the science fiction comedy in 3D. Despite the gripping effects, the criticism of the film continued to be negative.

This is how you can stream the comedy

You can also watch the science fiction film in the stream after it has been broadcast on TV. The film can currently be seen on Amazon Prime Video. Otherwise you can purchase it for a fee in the Sky Store, Apple TV+ and the Google Play Store.

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