Tokio Hotel: Band surprises with new edition of "Durch den Monsun"

Bill and Tom Kaulitz use their 31st birthday to announce: There will soon be a new edition of Tokio Hotel "Durch den Monsun".

The twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz (31) have two reasons to celebrate. Not only is September 1st your birthday, you can also celebrate it with a special announcement. They tell their fans via Instagram: A new global record deal has been signed, new music will be released this year. Before that, however, a well-known track will be released in a new guise.

15 years after the breakthrough

"At the beginning of the new era", as the brothers write on Instagram, the band had revisited their debut single "Durch den Monsun" from 2005. "What a journey it was to record this song again after 15 years." The result will be heard in early October.

It is not known when the new deal with Epic Records Germany, a Sony Music label, was bagged. In the picture that Bill Kaulitz published to celebrate the day, he can be seen together with bassist Georg Listing (33), on whose t-shirt the face of band drummer Gustav Schäfer (31) is printed. Lead singer Bill Kaulitz wears a t-shirt with twin brother Tom on it.