Tom Hanks: Hollywood star illustrates his Covid 19 symptoms

Tom Hanks (63, "Forrest Gump") gave his first public interview after he had survived the coronavirus infection. In "The National Defense Radio Show" the Hollywood actor talked about the quarantine in Australia and described the symptoms he and his wife Rita Wilson (63) had to deal with.

"Rita had to go through more difficult times than I did," said the two-time Oscar winner. While she "had a significantly higher fever" and "lost her sense of taste and smell", the actor was particularly tormented by "bad body aches". He was also "very tired".

Physical activity was difficult

In order not to get infected by the infection, Hanks tried to stay active. In the interview, he spoke of his plan to regularly do a half-hour stretching routine including a few floor exercises. But the plan failed: "I was totally exhausted after twelve minutes," he recalled.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were among the first celebrities to be infected with the corona virus. At that time the couple was in Australia. After three days of quarantine in a hospital, the two spent another two weeks in their home in self-isolation. In late March, they finally flew back to Los Angeles on a private jet.