Tom Hanks lights up this dramedy about grief and recovery

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The World’s Worst Neighbor hits theaters on February 1. Tom Hanks plays Otto, a grumpy and lonely widower whose life will change with the arrival of new neighbors.

The Worst Neighbor in the World: What is the film about?

Marc Forster’s feature film is the adaptation of the international bestseller Old, grumpy and suicidal: life according to Ove, by Fredrick Backman, published in 2012. Otto Anderson is the grumpy neighbor everyone dreads having. After the death of his wife Sonya, he sinks into depression and loneliness, and becomes, in his own way, a character as emblematic as it is feared in the neighborhood. Grumpy and depressed, he watches out of the corner of his eye all his neighbors who are attached to him despite everything. And yes… we all have an Otto in our lives! Her morose and tasteless routine is turned upside down overnight when a new family moves into the house across the street. The mother of the family and her two little girls will give him, despite himself, a taste for life.

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Three good reasons to go see The Worst Neighbor in the World

Tom Hanks plays Otto Anderson, and his nuanced interpretation is perfect. The Oscar-winning actor embodies and wonderfully develops this ambivalent character. If at first, Otto’s character makes him detestable, his attitude changes over the time he spends with Marisol and her children. As it opens, the viewer has the feeling of witnessing a real rebirth and it is a real lesson in resilience that the character of Otto offers us.

Lperfect chemistry between Otto and Marisol is also an asset of choice for this film. An initially very fragile and almost inconceivable bond is slowly woven between the two characters. It consolidates, strengthens, and ends up becoming a real line of survival that attaches them to each other. Marisol, played by actress Mariana Treviño, is a sunny woman whose presence illuminates Otto, giving him color, he who lived in a black and white world. Marisol teaches him to look around him and to open up to life and what it still has to offer him. Malcolm, Jimmy, Anita… a string of endearing secondary characters surrounds this unusual pair with benevolence.

The Worst Neighbor in the World is a dramatic comedy deep. She delicately tackles various essential themes, in particular that of mourning. How to go on living when you have lost your other half, your reason for living? How find the desire to continue and accept to be happy again ? Often, it goes through a meeting. But like a coin, there are two sides. The World’s Worst Neighbor also highlights those we often prefer to ignore or pretend not to have seen, because their loneliness frightens us. This old woman alone with her dog whom we meet in the street every morning, this silent next-door neighbor who barely says hello, this distant co-worker who never comes to the leaving parties… The message is universal and profoundly human. You have to know how to open your door and at the same time your heart to get out of loneliness, and rediscover the primary meaning of solidarity.

The Worst Neighbor in the World, by Marc Forster, to be discovered in cinemas from February 1.

*Article written in partnership with Sony Pictures.

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