Tomato diet: lose weight with the super vegetables

Tomato diet
Lose weight with the super vegetables

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The tomato diet should shed several kilos in just a few days. We explain the concept and reveal whether you can actually lose weight permanently with this form of diet.

Whether in a salad, filled with couscous or sliced ​​on bread: Tomatoes are extremely versatile and are certainly one of the most popular vegetables among Germans. But can you also lose weight with the long-running hit? In any case, the tomato diet should make that possible!

What is the Tomato Diet?

The tomato diet is one of the classic mono diets (see also: rice diet), through which one lose up to three kilos in four days can. Depending on the strictness of the diet, tomatoes are almost exclusively on the diet – which makes them very one-sided. It should not be done for more than a few days.

Why is the tomato so healthy?

There are many good reasons to rely on tomatoes as a slimming agent when losing weight:

  • 100 grams contain only about 17 calories (kcal). For comparison: the same amount of apples already has 52 kcal!
  • Tomatoes contain the plant substance lycopene. Lycopene reduces the breakdown of collagen – this prevents cellulite
  • They consist of 90 percent water, but are also very filling
  • Tomatoes contain up to one percent potassium, which favors the water balance and is said to help flush toxins out of the body
  • Tomatoes barely raise blood sugar levels, which prevents food cravings
  • Small cherry tomatoes are also suitable as a healthy snack in between

Can I lose weight permanently with the tomato diet?

Three kilos in just four days is a very ambitious goal – to achieve that, the three daily meals should consist exclusively of tomatoes, So from tomato juice and tomato soup. If you eat this way, you will probably lose a bit of weight, but you will probably get sick of the tomatoes by the second day.

Recipes to vary

With the slightly softer variant of this diet, you eat yourself mainly from tomatoes, but you can combine them with other foods – For example, you could have a vegetable casserole with tomatoes, mushrooms and zucchini. Also a delicious recipe: tomato bread!

Careful, JoJo!

A mono diet always harbors the great danger of the yo-yo effect. As soon as you stop dieting and start eating normally again, the lost pounds will unfortunately come back faster than you would like. Therefore, the tomato diet is actually only suitable if you want to lose a little bit of weight in the shortest possible time, for example because the vacation is imminent and your bikini figure is not yet what you imagine (our weight loss tips could also help you with this).

Better not a tomato diet?

The tomato diet is not for you? Then try losing weight without hunger or the Volumetrics diet!