Tomorrow belongs to us: after Benjamin, will Alma be the shooter’s next victim?

In an unpublished extract from “Tomorrow belongs to us” unveiled by TF1, while Karim and Sara are investigating the shooter who targeted Benjamin, Alma sees in their file an old photo of her son, Hadrien…

In Tomorrow belongs to us, the concern is at the maximum concerning Benjamin (Alexandre Varga). Indeed, this one was targeted by a shooter and took a bullet in the chest! Seriously affected, he was quickly transported to the hospital but his condition is worrying… The doctor is between life and death.

TF1 has just unveiled an unpublished extract from a future episode of the soap opera and in this sequence, Alma (Camille de Pazzis) who is at the post despairs. She is afraid of losing her companion… Karim (Samy Gharbi) receives her and asks her for news of Benjamin. Alas, she replies that they are not good. The doctor will be operating again later.

Benjamin is at his worst in “Tomorrow belongs to us”

Alma also wonders why a guard is posted in front of the injured man’s room. The cop explains to him that it is about the procedure and that Benjamin is not necessarily always dangerous… but that it is better to remain cautious.

Sara (Camille Genau) interrupts them. The investigation they have just begun is already leading them nowhere… They have nothing concrete to guide their investigations. The young woman holds a file in her arms in which appears an old photograph.

Does Alma have anything to do with the Benjamin shooting?

Alma notices the snap and grabs it. She asks the police where they found it and they tell her that one of the witnesses to the shooting had it in his possession. The English teacher is in shock because she recognizes the people in this picture!

Alma explains that it is his son Hadrien (Anthony Colette), with his grandmother! Taken aback, the protagonists wonder… Why does this witness hold this photo? Why does Alma’s family history come to the surface like this? To be continued in Tomorrow belongs to us…

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