Tomorrow belongs to us: arrested by the police, is Victor responsible for the dramas that are panicking Sète?

In an excerpt from “Tomorrow belongs to us” revealed in advance, Victor Brunet is arrested by Aurore and Manon who suspect him of having intoxicated several people and of having caused the death of Florence. Is it responsible for a health disaster?

Is Victor Brunet hiding behind all the misfortunes that have befallen the heroes of Tomorrow belongs to us for a few days?

After the hostage-taking which shook the wine estate of which Brunet (Farouk Bermouga) is the owner, and the accident suffered by William (Kamel Belghazi), the hospital of Sète finds itself confronted with the state of health worrying about Bruno Paoletti, who seems to have been poisoned by a toxic product with which he would have been in contact at one of his workplaces.

And then it’s the turn of Diego (Enzo Rose), the Delcourt protege, to feel bad and collapse, seized with the same strange illness that strikes Nathan’s father. Could the condition of these two characters well known to fans and the death of Florence, the former manager of the winery, be linked? Should the inhabitants of Sète expect an unprecedented health disaster which could still claim many victims?

Victor Brunet arrested for manslaughter and poisoning

In a new excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled in advance by TF1, Manon (Louvia Bachelier) and Aurore (Julie Debazac) arrive at the vineyard and announce to Brunet that he is under arrest. But why ?

In the episode which will be broadcast this Thursday, August 24, Manon, convinced that the estate uses pesticides, goes beyond the framework of the investigation and begins to search the vineyard. She comes across suspicious fertilizer cans, which have no labels, but Brunet throws her out since she has no letters rogatory.

Only, Manon, who is walking very close to the cans, asks Damien (Adrien Rob), on his return to the police station, to analyze the earth that she has taken from under his shoes. Although it is outside the procedure, Damien accepts and the results are final: the sample taken by Manon contains a high concentration of arsenic. Bruno, Diego and Florence would thus have been poisoned with arsenic. And for Manon, Brunet is therefore responsible for the death of Florence.

In the extract posted online by TF1, which corresponds to a sequence from the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us on Friday August 25, Brunet agrees to follow Aurore to the police station, while being aware of the illegal way in which the police obtained their evidence. “It’s okay, I’m going to follow you, but first I’m going to press charges against you for breaking and entering”he says to Manon, before attacking Aurore: “As for you, the next step is slanderous denunciation”.

Before following the police, Brunet swears to Romy, who wonders if he really used banned pesticides on the estate, that this was all a mistake and that he did nothing. “The cans in the hangar contain nothing toxic”he explains to Rayane’s mother. “They are just empty and old, good for the recycling centre. But as we are short of staff, they have been hanging around there a bit too long. I took them to the dump yesterday”.

Could Romy have been wrong about Victor? Was Rayane right to warn her? Has he fallen back into his crooked business man’s ways, ready for anything? To the point of unwittingly causing the death of the manager of his estate and intoxicating many other people?

After telling Manon how disappointed he is with her behavior (“I wanted to tell you that I am very disappointed Manon. You are a friend of Timothée, I thought you would be more impartial. Not to howl with the wolves and get into the delirium of your colleagues”), Brunet gets into the police car, looking worried. Knowing full well that his future looks complicated.

But the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us are certainly not at the end of their surprises. Indeed, the “Betrayals” plot is still far from over and the authors still have many twists in store for us.

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