Tomorrow belongs to us: Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) finally back… but without Alma?

Party in Burkina Faso last April as part of a humanitarian mission, Benjamin Ventura, played by Alexandre Varga, will make his comeback in “Tomorrow belongs to us” this week. But without Alma (Camille de Pazzis), who remained there.

After almost three months of absence, one of the new flagship faces of Tomorrow belongs to us introduced last year is finally preparing to return to the daily soap opera of TF1.

Arrived in the fall of 2021 in the series, at the time of the “reboot” operated by the authors, Alexandre Varga, already well known to fans of Cassandre, thus joined the adventure at the same time as Jennifer Lauret, Emmanuel Moire, or Charlotte Gaccio.

But unlike his comrades, his participation in the various intrigues has been more sporadic since the interpreter of doctor Benjamin Ventura has to juggle between the filming of Tomorrow belongs to us and those of the detective series of France 3 which he has been carrying since 2015 alongside Gwendoline Hamon.

This is why, after an initial departure of a few weeks, Benjamin left Sète again at the end of April to go on a two-month mission to Burkina Faso. Taking with him Alma (Camille de Pazzis), his new companion, with whom he had quickly fallen in love after his separation from Victoire (Solène Hébert).

From this Thursday, July 14, Benjamin, who has just returned from Burkina Faso, will however make his big return to Sète and will find for the occasion Samuel (Axel Kiener), who will be surprised to see him land in the rest room of the hospital. , as revealed by an excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us put online in preview by TF1.

These few images, attached to the new summer plot devoted to Samuel and the stud farm he inherited, allow us to learn in particular that Benjamin knows the Terres Blanches stud farm well, where he is “often mounted on horseback”. And that he has therefore already met in the past Solange, Samuel’s recently deceased aunt.


But this extract also and above all reveals that Benjamin returned alone from Burkina Faso and that Alma’s return to the series is not for now. “She stayed with part of the team, there is still a lot of work to do”explains Doctor Ventura to his friend and colleague when the latter asks him for news of the high school English teacher Agnès Varda, who had left her post in the spring to realize her dream and embark on her first humanitarian mission.

“She didn’t have the heart to go home right away”adds Benjamin before Samuel has fun titilling him: “Of course. Tell me instead that she was fed up with seeing your face”.

So, should we be worried about Alma’s prolonged absence? No way. In April, the production had confirmed to us that the departure of Camille de Pazzis was not final and that she would soon be back in the series. And since then, the actress posted a photo of her on the train a few days ago on social networks, heading to Sète. Thus ending the suspense.

Everything therefore suggests that Camille de Pazzis has recently resumed filming and that she will be back on the air by the start of the school year. In the meantime, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us will probably be able to find Alexandre Varga in the series throughout the summer, whether on the side of the hospital or within the ark centered on Samuel and Victory.

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