Tomorrow belongs to us: discover the new couple of the series

After Manon and Nordine, two other characters are about to get married according to an extract revealed by TF1.

It’s the season of love in Tomorrow belongs to us. While fate is hounding Manon (Louvia Bachelier) and Nordine (Youcef Agal) and he has fun delaying the formalization of their story, a new couple is about to form in Sète!

If the faithful of the TF1 soap opera hoped that Gaspard (Mogamed Bechiev) would get into a relationship with Jack (Dimitri Fouque), everything suggests that he will rather live a love story with Maud (Sixtine Dutheil).

In a new extract available on the MYTF1 platform, Maud and Gaspard meet at the port of Sète. While the young woman tells him that the plan she has put in place to get her mother to kick Emma (Luna Lou) out of her home has failed, Gaspard listens to her amused attentively.

Finally realizing that she is rambling, the Meffre girl apologizes to her then explains that she tends not to stop talking when she is stressed. When Gaspard asks her if he’s the one making her nervous, Maud gathers up her courage:

Nope, this is no longer the situation. We only find each other after we had sent lots of messages… and because I like you too.“.

In turn, the Couturier son lets her know that he likes her before reminding her, however, that he will be leaving Sète at the end of the summer holidays. “If we start something, I’m going to have the seum of having to leave you.”, he admits then. Then the teenager added, “Besides, I promised Jack not to hurt you.”.


Seeing that she doesn’t really appreciate her friend getting involved in things that don’t concern him, Gaspard retorts that Jack is only worried about her. When he then launches that she is a good girl and implies that on the contrary he is not frequentable because of her stories, Maud cuts him off by placing a furtive kiss on his lips.

Immediately, she apologizes but Gaspard affirms that he likes when she does anything before kissing her in turn.

Maud and Gaspard will they be able to live their summer romance without incident? With the imminent return of Sacha (Renaud Roussel) in the series and the mysterious robber in the clown mask who is about to terrorize Sète, nothing is less certain…

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