Tomorrow belongs to us: Georges discovers the shocking link between Victoire and Vince

All of Sète is trying to understand why Vince was killed in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Georges investigates and makes intriguing discoveries about Victoire… Could she be involved in this tragic disappearance?

In Sète, a new very worrying death is to be deplored in Tomorrow belongs to us. Vince, the yoga teacher played by Edouard Collin, was found murdered, stabbed seven times! While the police investigation is still ongoing and Soizic (Charlie Nune) finds himself in a bad situation, it is now Victoire’s (Solène Hébert) turn to answer a few questions from the authorities…

Georges makes an intriguing discovery

In an extract from the TF1 soap opera (broadcast Monday to Friday from 7:10 p.m.) revealed in advance, Georges (Mayel Elhajoui, who spoke to AlloCiné) goes to the hospital because he wonders about the relationship that existed between the doctor and the victim.

Upon welcoming him, Victoire first thinks that the police officer is coming to discuss Vanessa (Victoire Dauxerre) with her. As a reminder, the psychopath has finally been arrested but is pregnant with Georges’ baby behind bars! He also hesitates whether or not to recognize this child…

For Victoire, on the other hand, there is no doubt! The latter is convinced that Georges will not raise this child that he never wanted… But the main person concerned is not there to talk about this thorny problem. He would rather like to know more about the conditions of Vince’s murder.

Does Victoire have anything to do with Vince’s death?

Victoire is surprised because she says she barely knew the deceased. She explains that she has only seen him once or twice… However, Georges seems to know more than she is willing to communicate to him.

Georges therefore insists, implying that Victoire and the one who also slept with Noor (Sahelle de Figueiredo) had a one-night stand. He continues and reveals to the main interested party that he also knows that Vince later demanded money from him…

The cop then assumes that Victoire could have gotten angry with him at that moment… At these words, she becomes livid! Is she hiding something important? Is she involved in this tragic disappearance? To be continued in Tomorrow Belongs to Us.

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