Tomorrow belongs to us: how can Lisa be Victoire’s cousin? The Lazzari genealogy explained

Arriving this summer in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, is Lisa (Naïma Rodric) Victoire’s cousin or little cousin? If you’re one of the fans who haven’t understood everything about the Lazzari genealogy, don’t panic, we’ll explain everything to you.

If the family trees are always a little complicated in the soaps, the Lazzari clan easily holds the palm of the Sète family with the most complicated history in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Presented as the sister of Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini) at the launch of the daily soap opera in July 2017 on TF1, Victoire Lazzari (Solène Hebert) ended up learning during the summer plot of the year 2019, aptly titled “Le Secret des Lazzari”, that she was actually… Sandrine’s daughter! And therefore the granddaughter of Anne-Marie (Véronique Jannot), whom she had always considered her mother.

How far are you following? However, things have recently become complicated with the introduction, a few months ago, of Lisa Hassan, a young cop played by Naïma Rodric (Un Si Grand Soleil), who is none other than Victoire’s cousin.

Or rather its “little Cousine”, as indicated in the press release sent by TF1 at the time of the announcement of the arrival of Naïma Rodric in Tomorrow belongs to us. Although the term “little Cousine” was never employed by Victoire or Lisa in any of the episodes of the series.

So, is Lisa Dr. Lazzari’s cousin? His little cousin? And above all, whose daughter is she, when we know that Sandrine and Anne-Marie never mentioned other members of their family during the first five seasons.


In order to see more clearly, we put the question to Nicolas Brossette, the collection director of Tomorrow belongs to us, who, during an interview granted within the framework of the La Rochelle Festival, confirmed to us that Lisa was well Victoire’s little cousin.

“Lisa is the granddaughter of Anne-Marie’s sister”he explained to us. “So she’s Victoire’s little cousin. Because even if we learned during the famous Lazzari arch that Victoire was actually Sandrine’s daughter, she was always brought up thinking she was her sister. For her , Lisa is therefore her cousin’s daughter, even if we didn’t make it clear on the screen”.

And if Victoire refers to Lisa when talking about her “cousin”and conversely, it is quite simply because the two young women are almost the same age and because the term “little Cousine” is less frequently used in everyday life. “They’re almost the same age so basically they consider each other cousins, it’s as simple as that”.

In any case, Lisa and her little sister Amel (Maëlis Adalle) are indeed Victoire Lazzari’s little cousins. And we are happy to learn that Anne-Marie has a sister and that a whole part of the Lazzari family tree potentially still remains to be exploited one day by the screenwriters of Tomorrow belongs to us who are never short of ideas. .

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