Tomorrow belongs to us: is this high school student a victim of violence?

In the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Violette will discover new bruises on Bastien’s body. Is the young man beaten by his father?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Recently arrived in Tomorrow Belongs to Us Bastien Kovac (Nicolas Jacquens), the new comrade of Violette (Salomé Benitha), promises to make a lot of talk about him in the daily TF1 soap opera.

It must be said that the teenager made a strong impression on his teachers for having cheated on an essay. But it is for a completely different reason, and much more dramatic, that he will be noticed.

Indeed, Violette recently noticed large bruises on her friend’s wrist. The latter then made him believe that he had crashed into his father’s garage. But did Bastien tell the truth?


In a new extract available on the MyTF1 platform, Violette and Bastien are revising together in the study room when the young woman discovers new bruises on the back of her friend’s neck. If the teenager claims that he was hit, Violette thinks on the contrary that he is hiding something from her.

It’s your father ? Is he the blue ones? Is your father hitting you?“, she tries to know. It must be said that this is not the first time that Damien’s sister has noticed traces of blows on his body.

Understanding that she is insinuating that his father beats him, Bastien turns his back. Violette immediately apologizes to him and assures that she did not want to upset him. Unfortunately, the damage is done.

Are Bastien’s bruises linked to violence?

Although everything suggests that John is the origin of the many marks seen on Bastien’s body, the answer is no. John doesn’t beat his son. But where do these bruises come from? The truth turns out to be much more complex.


A few weeks ago, Théophile Clément, the producer of producer of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, spoke to Allociné about a big upcoming plot.

The theme of illness will be treated in the coming weeks but through a character other than François. And it will be handled quite well for once“, he explained to us on this occasion. And Bastien could well be the character in question if we are to believe the information from Current News.

In the episode which will be broadcast on November 30, John, worried about his son, will make an appointment with Doctor Ventura (Alexandre Varga) to understand why he has so many bruises on his body. After having given him a whole battery of tests, the doctor at Saint-Clair hospital will unfortunately tell them terrible news: Bastien has leukemia.

Will Bastien survive this cancer? Will Violette support him in this difficult ordeal? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us!

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