Tomorrow belongs to us: “It was great but complex to play” … Victoire Dauxerre confides in Vanessa’s escape scene

It’s panic in “Tomorrow belongs to us”: Vanessa, the most feared serial killer in Sète, escaped during her transfer to prison. Victoire Dauxerre, her interpreter, tells us about the filming of this intense and complex scene.

Back in Tomorrow belongs to us for a few episodes on the occasion of her dreaded trial, Vanessa Lehman, the psychopath embodied by Victoire Dauxerre, will finally be able to put her plan into action since she ended up escaping the vigilance of the police. and by escaping in the episode broadcast this Friday, June 2 on TF1.

Taken to hospital earlier this week after being injured by a bullet fired by Mathilde (Maria Bernal), who was seeking revenge for the death of her mother Louise, the serial killer, whose signature is the tabby rose, took advantage of his transfer to Sète prison to escape.

In a brief moment of inattention from the corrections officer who was with her in the back of the police van, Vanessa managed to get out of her handcuffs and grab a syringe she had. hidden on her, before stinging the neck of the prison officer who collapsed lifeless on the ground.

Vanessa’s instinct for survival and murder comes out in this muscular sequence

What Machiavellian plan does Vanessa have in store for us in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us? Will she do everything to find Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui)? The future will tell. But this escape scene, which announces many twists to come, is in any case one of the moments that marked Victoire Dauxerre on the set.

“All these scenes were extraordinary, it was great, but also complex to play”explains the interpreter of Vanessa to our microphone, referring to this sequence of escape in the van, but also to the previous scenes of this intrigue having for decoration the prison or the court.


“It was not easy because it was heavy. In the sense that the sets are so incredible and so realistic. I was in a real prison van, with handcuffs. Locked in the back of this van, behind a grid. It really allows you to feel this feeling of “I want to escape”. It creates survival needs, we know that we are playing, that it’s fictional, but we don’t want to stay in this situation”.

“Vanessa is obviously very the opposite of me, even if she comes a little closer to me in certain aspects of love and absolutes”continues Victoire Dauxerre. “But as soon as you put on the character, it allows you to dive into the skin of the other. And there, to be in sets like that of the van, you are directly fully in the heat of the action. C It’s great to have things like that to play”.

A stuntman present on the set of the scene in the van

Quite stealthy on screen, the sequence featuring Vanessa’s escape required a lot of training and preparation, as explained to us by Victoire Dauxerre, who had already been physically involved in several striking sequences. last year, during the plot “Red Wedding”, which will go down in the annals of Tomorrow belongs to us.

“We had a stuntman with us on the set of this scene in the van. He helped us so that we didn’t get hurt, even if the moment when Vanessa attacks the guard is very fast”explains the actress who found the character of Vanessa Lehman with pleasure for this ark “Madly”, almost a year after the end of the previous plot centered on the actions of the serial killer.

“It had been the same last year, when I had all the scenes with Solene Hebert, when Victoire and Vanessa were fighting, after the cake sequence, or during the scene with the other serial killer, whom Vanessa killed in the kitchen. Despite everything, we pull our hair, we project ourselves against the decor. So we have to repeat all that with a stuntman so as not to get hurt”.

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