Tomorrow belongs to us: Jordan and Judith on the verge of breaking up?

The relationship between Jordan and Judith will be put to the test in the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Should we expect to witness the end of their relationship?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Together for several months already, Jordan (Maxime Lélue) and Judith (Alice Varela) spin the perfect love in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, the arrival of Vince (Edouard Collin), the new yoga teacher, will not fail to sow discord within the couple. To the point of separating them?

It must be said that Vince made a very remarkable entry into the daily soap opera of TF1. Attractive and attentive, the young man turns many heads in the small town of Sète. And it is certainly not Noor (Sahelle de Figueiredo) and Judith who will say the opposite.

Far from being insensitive to the charm of the Delcourt girl, Vince didn’t take long before making her advances that weren’t really subtle. Although flattered, Judith had told him that she was in a relationship and that she did not intend to leave her boyfriend.

If the yoga teacher then hastened to console himself in the arms of Noor, he continues despite everything to exchange many messages with Judith. Exchanges that Jordan will obviously end up discovering in the June 13 episode.

Jealous but above all very angry, he will ask Judith for an explanation. Unfortunately, she’s going to stand up and claim that he’s making movies. Only, Jordan will believe that she takes him for a fool and will even leave the farmhouse by slamming the door, if we are to believe our colleagues from News News. What cause a stir within the couple…

Disturbed, Judith will ask some advice from Noor, who will not hesitate to be frank. Given their exchanges, she will indeed side with Jordan. When she questions her friend to find out if she likes Vince and if she wants more with him, Judith guarantees that this is not the case.

At the same time, Jordan goes to meet Vince to ask him to stop talking to Judith. A request that he will of course refuse since, according to him, they have a good connection with the young woman. Words that will annoy the eldest Roussel who will not hesitate to threaten him.

Warned by Vince of this altercation, Judith will then rush to Jordan to obtain an explanation. When he says he is convinced that she wants to sleep with the coach, Judith will get angry and then reproach him for not trusting her. Inevitably, this will put a damper on their history…


The answer is no ! If they go through a small storm, Jordan and Judith will reconcile quickly.

In a new excerpt available on the MyTF1 platform, Judith also decides to take a step towards Jordan and goes to his house to bring him the bachelor’s survival kit. In fact, she came to apologize to him.

“I realized you were right. I would have freaked out too if you had been texting in romance mode with another girl.“, she explains before continuing, “I should have put a direct stop on him. I think I was flattered. But I never meant to cheat on you and I’m sorry for hurting you.“.

After accepting his apology, Jordan recognizes for his part that he was wrong to go see Vince to settle his accounts. The couple kiss to seal their reconciliation.

Fans of the couple can therefore be reassured: Jordan and Judith still have many months of happiness ahead of them.

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