Tomorrow belongs to us: Karim soon between life and death?

While he risks losing the use of his arm, things are not ready to work out for Karim during the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. According to an extract revealed by TF1, the life of the police officer could even be in danger.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Since the explosion of the farmhouse, nothing is going well for Karim (Samy Gharbi) in Tomorrow belongs to us!

While he is already at risk of losing the use of his arm, things are unfortunately not ready to work out for Anna’s companion (Maud Baecker) during the next episodes of the TF1 soap opera.

In a new unreleased extract available on MYTF1, Karim is on his feet again and is looking forward to being able to leave the hospital soon. But while he walks with Anna in the corridors of the establishment, the policeman stops abruptly because he is struggling to breathe. Panicked, his companion asks him to sit down while she goes to get a doctor, but Karim collapses violently on the ground the next second.

False alarm or is Karim’s life in danger?

Karim’s accident actually has far more serious consequences than previously thought. Indeed, the knife wound he suffered during the explosion of the mas created a venous wound as well as a compressive hematoma. However, the doctors took all the necessary precautions during the operation but a clot nevertheless formed in the vein, which caused a pulmonary embolism.

Even if Karim’s state of health is serious and worrying, he will fortunately be taken care of in time if we are to believe the information from News Actual and his condition should therefore be quickly stabilized!

At the same time, the author of the sabotage that could have cost Karim’s life is still on the run and the Delcourts find themselves more than ever at an impasse. Will the police investigation lead to the culprit? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us!

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