Tomorrow belongs to us: Sandrine and Morgane back at the end of June with secrets in their luggage

Good news for fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us”: the date of the return to the antenna of Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini) and Morgane (Marie Catrix) has finally been revealed by TF1. And this arch promises to be intriguing, with its share of secrets.

Between the arrival of Laëtitia Milot, who joins the soap opera in the role of Sara’s aunt, and the return of an emblematic couple, the summer promises to be very eventful in Tomorrow belongs to us.

As previously announced by the actresses themselves, Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix, who had left the series during the summer of 2021, have taken over the management of film sets for a new plot which will allow them to return to their roles as Sandrine Lazzari and Morgane Guého.

Flagship couple of Tomorrow belongs to us, Sandrine and Morgane had paid the price two years ago for the “reboot” operated by the production – which had notably set up a new image quality and had introduced many new characters such as Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret), François (Emmanuel Moire) and Audrey (Charlotte Gaccio).

The two women, who had gone through a complicated period due to Morgane’s arrest, had thus left to make a new start in Guadeloupe, once she was released from prison. Even if Sandrine, played by Juliette Tresanini, had returned to Sète in October 2021, the time of an intrigue devoted to Victoire (Solène Hebert).

Sandrine and Morgane back with secrets

Fans of Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix will be happy to learn that it is Friday June 23 that the two actresses will return to the antenna in Tomorrow belongs to us. The synopsis of this episode, just revealed by TF1, revealing that a “mythical couple is back in Sète”.

This great return will obviously be an opportunity for Sandrine to find Victoire and Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin), while Morgane will be delighted to see her son, Gabriel (Martin Mille) again.

And if this new intrigue to come, which will probably begin in parallel with another ark devoted to Aurore (Julie Debazac), is for the moment surrounded by the greatest mystery, we are able to reveal to you that Sandrine and Morgane will disembark from Guadeloupe with some secrets in their luggage. Secrets that will be revealed during the summer.

This still promises beautiful twists as only Tomorrow belongs to us has the secret.

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