Tomorrow belongs to us: the Georges-Victoire couple, the return of Vanessa… The revelations of Mayel Elhajaoui

Met during the CANNESERIES festival, Mayel Elhajaoui, the interpreter of Georges in Tomorrow belongs to us, confided in our microphone on the evolution of his character, his love affair with Victoire and the future trial of Vanessa .

The future looks eventful for Georges in Tomorrow belongs to us!

Met on the occasion of the CANNESERIES festival, Mayel Elhajaoui, the interpreter of Georges Caron, the boss of the scientific police in the daily soap opera of TF1, confided in the microphone of Allociné on the evolution of his character, his love story with Victoire (Solène Hébert) and the future trial of Vanessa (Victoire Dauxerre).

Allociné: If we go back to the beginning of the Tomorrow belongs to us adventure, what attracted you to the role of Georges?

Mayel Elhajaoui : He is a character with a lot of tenderness and awkwardness. Qualities that I appreciate a lot in real life. It’s true that Georges’ tenderness is something that pleases me. And then, he’s a good person. He’s a nice guy with aspects for which we can say that he is less good than the others. But it’s okay not to be good at everything.

How do you view the evolution of your character since your arrival in the series?

When he arrived, he was eating burgers and pouring samurai sauce on his investigation files. Today, he has three-piece suits, he has a cane at Dr. House in Bled, he is head of the PTS, he has restaurant tickets and a thirteenth month. The guy is on top (laughs). He has the advantages of phew while Georges Caron at the beginning, wow, he came by bike (laughs). Now he is director and that changes everything for Georges Caron.

On the heart side, we thought that Georges and Victoire were going to give each other a second chance. Is this something we can still hope for?

Love is the one thing you should never despair about. I really tell everyone in real life and in fiction. Always hope in love. If you don’t hope, it’s because you don’t love. Are things going to happen with Victoire? I don’t know…

Can we still hope to see him find love?

Yes. I think he’s a guy who deserves to find love and who will find love. But as in any love story, it’s sometimes a bit abstract.

The police are currently investigating the Argenteuil monster and Lisa’s behavior (Naima Rodric) raises questions from his colleagues. What can you tell us about this, and in particular about the role that Georges will play in all this?

The authors write pretty realistic stuff. When you’re a friend and you work with someone you trust, it’s not that simple. In life, when you trust, there is a kind of filter. We don’t see some things that others see. Georges has enormous confidence in Lisa. He can sometimes have small doubts but confidence does not fall like that. He’s not going to tell himself that she’s hiding something. The sequel will therefore generate some twists and Georges, like any other person, will suffer a little.

In the end, we see very little Georges and Mona (Catherine Benguigui) interact together. Will they have more scenes in the future?

Yes. There are beautiful scenes, which I have just shot elsewhere, which are coming. Every time I play with my mamounette as I say, it’s a joy. Catherine Benguigui behaves as if she were my mother and I annoy her as if she were my mother. There are several scenes at the Spoon coming up, at the police station too, and in other pretty nice places. We are asking for that and the authors are listening. The TF1 channel is also very happy with this relationship. Afterwards, like in real life, Mona and Georges don’t necessarily see each other every day, but yes, we miss it on screen, we miss it too, but it will come back.

With characters as funny as Georges and Mona, I imagine there were a lot of laughs on set. Is there one in particular that comes to mind?

Yesterday before coming to Canneséries. There is a person from the production that we really like who came to the set to pick me up at the end of filming to leave for Cannes. This is the kind of thing that stresses Catherine a little. She bugged during the scenes and we left in giggles. We were filming with a bouillabaisse at 9 o’clock in the morning. She stuck it in my face and kept saying “it stinks, it’s 9 o’clock in the morning“You don’t see it, but we have a real bouillabaisse under our noses.

After all these years, we still know very little about Georges’ father. Do the writers plan to bring him into the series?

We talk about it yes. Potentially a secret aunt or brother too. That’s what’s good about this series, it’s that we can bring about natural evolutions. The authors can be trusted. The father of Georges or other members of the Caron family are in the pipes. Now they are the ones who will decide when.

In general, what awaits Georges in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us?

There is a big plot. Vanessa’s trial is coming up. Inevitably, this will have significant and personal repercussions on Georges. He will ask himself a lot of questions, wondering if he has been manipulated or if he has really been loved. He’s really going to question himself.

Who will he be able to count on in this ordeal?

Victoire and Mona will be there for him. Georges is still someone introverted sometimes. He keeps certain things deep inside him. It could explode. Georges is going to experience incredible things.

Do you have other projects apart from Tomorrow belongs to us?

The series on France 2, A l’instinct, which is officially developed now. I also have my show, Mayel in real life. I will soon be playing in Toulouse, Six Four les Plages, Lille and Sète in the coming weeks. I will then play in Paris at the start of the school year.

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