Tomorrow belongs to us: victim of a terrible blackmail, Victoire must make an impossible choice

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, the mysterious shooter, who kidnapped Samuel, will exert a terrible blackmail on Victoire who will find herself faced with the worst of dilemmas. How far will she go to save the man she loves?

How far is Victoire willing to go to save the man she loves?

While everything led to believe that Samuel (Axel Kiener) was the target of the attacks that punctuated Tomorrow belongs to us in recent weeks, the police finally discovered that Victory was in fact the common denominator of all these events.

And that it was the relatives of the young doctor that the mysterious shooter had decided to attack from the start. To better reach her. But why ?

In the episode of the daily TF1 soap opera which will be broadcast tonight, Samuel will disappear during a horseback ride. His horse will be found alone on the beach, galloping at full speed, traces of blood visible on his side.

After analysis, Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui), Aurore (Julie Debazac) and their colleagues will learn that it is indeed Chardeau’s blood. And will come to the conclusion that the latter was attacked and then kidnapped by the sniper who has been terrorizing Sète since the beginning of the summer.

A horrible hypothesis that will quickly be confirmed and plunge Victoire a little more into turmoil. Indeed, at the very end of Tuesday’s episode, which is already available on Salto, Victoire will receive a video on her phone in which Samuel appears tied to a chair, terribly weakened.

Forced by his attacker, whose identity remains a mystery for the moment, Doctor Chardeau speaks directly to his companion and tells her that she will have to commit a crime to save him!


“Sweetheart, I’m going to need you”Samuel tells Victoire in the video in question, which comes from an anonymous number. “I’ll explain everything to you. But no one should know. Especially not the police. For me to stay alive, you have only one thing to do: you have to unplug Cédric. Cédric Diallo”.

According to the Newsactual site, Victoire, upset, will understand that Samuel’s attacker and that of Cédric (Julien Cheminade) are one and the same person. And that Jahia and Angie’s father certainly saw the face of whoever attacked him and could identify him if he were to wake up.

Refusing to speak to the police about the blackmail of which she is the victim, despite the contrary opinion of Anne-Marie (Véronique Jannot), who fears that her granddaughter will commit the worst, Victoire will therefore find herself confronted with a difficult dilemma. : follow the kidnapper’s orders and kill Cédric, knowing that she will not be able to live with her death on her conscience, or let Samuel die when Cédric may never wake up or have serious consequences for life.

So what decision will the young doctor from Saint-Clair Hospital end up making? One thing is certain: in Wednesday’s episode, Victoire will indeed break into Cédric Diallo’s room and close the blinds. But will she go all the way? Will she disconnect the father of the family in the hope of saving Samuel?

Answer in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 and on Salto.

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