Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1190 of Friday, May 20, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Georges thinks he knows who the real copycat is, the Morenos give in to Brunet. At the same time, Victoire and Samuel play a dangerous game.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday May 20 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

George thinks he knows who the copycat is

In the interrogation room, Raphaëlle decided to take Tristan’s file. She points out to him that he was wrong to attack the prosecutor the day before and that the evidence against him is very overwhelming. Ready to defend him, the lawyer wants him to tell her the truth. Once again, Tristan proclaims his innocence and gives him the same explanations as to Martin and Georges. Raphaëlle believes it, but she knows it, her file is very complicated.

At the police station, Karim, Georges and Martin continue the investigation. For the lieutenant and the commander, it would be very surprising if the ex-boss of the Spoon had killed these four people. Martin thinks that the last elements found are a staging. He reminds his colleagues of the precautions taken by the copycat from the beginning. He probably wouldn’t have left such evidence in evidence. They eventually conclude that Tristan has been framed by the killer, who is still chasing him. When they searched Mercier’s, they discovered many matches. Martin believes the copycat got in touch with his role model and the answer lies in his letters.

In her office, Raphaëlle argues with her father about her behavior with Tristan. According to her, he does not respect the presumption of innocence of his client. She reminds him that he could very well have been trapped by someone else, which the prosecutor refuses to believe. His daughter points out how pathetic he has become since this affair and that he is influenced by his ego.

At the Spoon, Sylvain and Alex discuss Tristan’s arrest. For Moreno, if the police keep him on remand, it’s because there must be evidence against him. He evokes the case of Flore, who no one imagined capable of going so far, it is perhaps also the case of Tristan. Alex continues to defend his friend, he thinks the cops are just a little on edge and he should be innocent. Sylvian ends up agreeing with his friend, he sees everything in the dark at the moment because he has problems at home.

At the cemetery, Bart and his family arrive at Louise’s funeral. Bart gives a speech to say goodbye to his lost love. A week ago, they were already all present on the occasion of their wedding, but today everything is over. Their plans will never come true, they will never have that child they dreamed of so much.

Relatives of Bart and Louise continue to gather at the cemetery. Anna and Chloé are proud of him, he was very brave in this ordeal. Vanessa offers Bart to find someone to replace him at the Spoon so that he can rest a bit, but he declines. However, he thanks her for her help since Louise’s death. For her, everything she has done so far has been to help them.

At the police station, Nordine goes through Mercier’s many correspondences. For the moment, no name stands out, the exchanges often stopped after two letters. Georges decides to help his colleague, after looking at several envelopes, one seems to catch his attention. It is in the name of Alice Reynie, and contains a strange message. Intrigued, Georges hastens to do research on his computer.

Georges manages to find something, but decides to hide it from Nordine. When his colleague hands him the list of first names, the lieutenant is in his thoughts. He doesn’t seem to be recovering from his discovery. He pretends an emergency and leaves quickly.

At the hospital, Victoire is waiting for someone in the parking lot. Suddenly, George arrives. He wants to tell her about what he has discovered. Being the only person he trusts, he tells her that the serial killer is according to him Vanessa.

The Morenos give in to Brunet

Christelle and Sylvain speak with Charlie about the situation with Brunet. For the student, it is out of the question to give her anything. By taking stock, they realize the obvious: if Brunet speaks, they could lose everything. But Charlie seems to have a plan in mind, she wants to turn the blackmail against him.

Sophie arrives at her office and finds Brunet who is very happy. The lawyer then understands that her blackmail against the Morenos is about to work. However, she warns him that the situation could still change. She tells him to take them seriously. He then receives a message from Christelle giving him an appointment at 5 p.m.

At the Moreno’s, Sylvain warns Brunet of the penalty that awaits him if they denounce him for blackmail. With his background, he’s risking a lot. But their arguments do not work on him and he intends to denounce them if they do not cooperate. Faced with pressure, Christelle says she is ready to negotiate.

Brunet gives his conditions: he wants half of their fortune and he also wants his house back, or he leaves the house to them and he takes all their fortune. Sylvain decides to give him his property, but in exchange, Brunet will not have half of their fortune. After several exchanges, they manage to agree on a sum.

In the evening, Sylvain, Christelle and Charlie are having dinner. The young woman is very angry with them for letting themselves go. Sylvain feels that the money has changed him, and that doesn’t suit him. He even thinks of returning to work to have a new objective. Disgusted by the discussion, Charlie gets up from the table.

Victoire and Samuel are playing a dangerous game

At the hospital, Samuel announces to Victoire that he will be late. He kisses his girlfriend and is about to leave when she holds him back. They exchange a passionate kiss. Before leaving, Victoire warns him that she will finally be on call tonight to support Nicolas, the new nurse. Samuel sees no inconvenience, he is even happy that she comes to his aid, which is not the reaction expected by the young doctor. They then plan to have lunch together.

At the reception of the hospital, Samuel speaks with a beautiful young woman. When Victoire sees them, she hastens to interrupt them. They don’t seem bothered by his intervention. Samuel introduces him to Gina, his patient, to whom he offers to go and wait for him in his consultation room. He then admits to his companion to have become friends with Gina, even a very good friend. When Victoire reminds him of their lunch, Chardeau apologizes, he finally has something else planned. Out of pride, Victoire pretends that she too is busy.

At the Spoon, Victoire has lunch with Soraya and tells her about the situation with Samuel. Suddenly, she sees her companion arriving at the restaurant on Gina’s arm. It’s too much provocation, she gets up and confronts him. While she is odious with her patient, Samuel admits to her that it is a professional lunch, because he is going to help the young woman for her operation: a breast augmentation. Victoire leaves mad with rage.

Later, Samuel tells William about the staging he has prepared for Victoire. His patient is also an actress and she agreed to help him. His friend does not understand their relationship at all and warns him about the complications that this game could bring.

In the guard room, Victoire finds Samuel. The young doctor is exasperated by her boyfriend’s behavior and offers him to have an open relationship so that he can go out with Gina. This idea immediately irritates Samuel, it is certain that she makes this suggestion to sleep with Nicolas. Victoire greatly appreciates his reaction, she managed to make him jealous.

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