Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1246 of Monday August 8, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Samuel has disappeared, Noor announces bad news. At the same time, William and Bénédicte get closer and Gaspard reveals the real reasons for his visit.


Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday August 8 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


The police now believe that Victoire is the target of these attacks. For Georges, the only lead to follow is therefore that of Benjamin Ventura. According to him, the doctor would have many reasons to blame Victoire because of the Emma Garnier affair. Indeed, Benjamin and Victoire were still together at that time and although he claimed his unconsciousness, the Lazzari girl had never believed him. Worse, she even denounced him. A few days after their separation, Victoire also got into a relationship with Samuel, of whom Benjamin was very close. As he felt betrayed on several occasions, Benjamin could very well have wanted revenge on his ex. Moreover, he knows the stud farm very well and is a very good rider, not to mention that he was the one who was in charge of Anne-Marie when she arrived at the hospital. Convinced by his colleague’s theory, Commander Constant gives him the green light to interview Benjamin and search his home.

Without waiting, Georges and Nordine arrive at the hospital and ask Benjamin to follow them to the police station. Benjamin, who loses his temper, then begins to physically attack Georges and ends up handcuffed.

In the interrogation room, he apologizes to Georges for having lost his temper. During his hearing, the doctor swears that he has absolutely nothing to do with these attacks. Then to clarify that he had no reason to blame Samuel and Victoire and even less Anne-Marie. Only, the police found a box of anxiolytics at his home. When he indicates that he took some during a period of slack, Georges specifies that the shooter took exactly one of these pills just before opening fire.

At the hospital, Victoire reminds her grandmother that she is going out today. However, Anne-Marie has no intention of returning to her granddaughter’s home because she hasn’t felt safe there since the shooting. Fortunately, Nicolas manages to make her change her mind.

Shortly after, Victoire learns that it is not Samuel the target of the attacks but her. As she finds it hard to take in the news, Samuel invites her to take a horseback ride to clear her mind. Just then, Emma arrives at the stud. Convinced of Benjamin’s innocence, the teenager pushes the couple to act and not abandon their friend. Although he believes in his innocence, Dr. Chardeau prefers to let the police do their job. Annoyed, Emma leaves the place. Immediately, Victoire follows suit to talk to him while Samuel leaves on horseback.

Moments later, Samuel’s horse is galloping alone along the edge of the beach and is covered in blood on its side. What happened to Samuel?


In the morning, Noor goes to the Diallo-Lopez and gives them bad news: the Saint-Clair hospital will only be able to keep Cédric for a few days. Angie, Jahia and Lilian will therefore have to find a specialized center to welcome her quickly. For Noor, they should talk about it with Irène but Jahia doesn’t have the courage to tell her that their father is in a coma. Lilian then offers to do it together. As Angie wonders what they’ll do if he doesn’t wake up, Noor reminds her that just because the odds are low doesn’t mean there aren’t any. So she encourages him to keep hope.

Later, Jordan visits Jahia to check on her. Since she thinks her ex-boyfriend came there to see because he feels sorry for her, Jordan assures her otherwise and then hugs her, whispering that everything will be fine.


Since breaking up with Étienne, Bénédicte has been depressed. On the advice of his wife, William therefore invites his sister to have a coffee at the Spoon to hear from her. On the spot, Bénédicte admits that things are not going well because Etienne no longer responds to his messages. While she tells herself that her husband is going to file for divorce, William listens to her.

Finally, they spend a good part of the day together. During one of their conversations, Bénédicte admits that she has always been a little jealous of him. Indeed, William has an impeccable career and a perfect marriage. But he quickly tempers his remarks by revealing that he thought about a divorce after learning that he was not Sofia’s biological father.

In the evening, William, Bénédicte, Aurore and Manon play board games, which changes the ideas of Bénédicte but also of Manon who is also experiencing heartache.


Juliette has heard of a school near them that might be suitable for her son. Unfortunately, Gaspard has made up his mind and never wants to go back to school. Annoyed, Juliette takes Tristan into her confidence. As she no longer knows how to go about it, he proposes to speak to Gaspard to make him change his mind. A real failure since the teenager turns up.

For her part, Charlie questions Jack about Gaspard because she is sure she has seen him somewhere before. When Jack tells him that his father works on oil rigs, Charlie quickly makes the link with the Girard affair and hastens to specify all the details of this macabre story. When Gaspard joins them, Charlie immediately asks him if he is Sacha’s son. Uncomfortable, he leaves the place.

After catching him, Jack claims he doesn’t care about his past. Just wanting to spend time with him, he points out that he is not responsible for what his father did. Gaspard then explains that all his friends have turned their backs on him because of his father. In his place, Jack declares that he too would have invented stories to be left alone. Subsequently, the two young men begin to discuss literature.

At the end of the day, Gaspard waits to be alone with his uncle to reveal to him the real reasons for his coming to Sète. If he is there, it is because he would like to see his father again to tell him everything that is on his heart and to turn the page. However, Gaspard is a minor and cannot request a visit. Excluding asking his mother for permission, he would like his uncle to take care of it…

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