Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1247 of Tuesday August 9, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Victoire is faced with a terrible choice, Emma introduces Camille to flying. Tristan betrays Gaspard’s trust.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday August 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


The police are investigating Samuel’s disappearance and the blood found on the horse belongs to the doctor. Certain that Samuel has been assaulted and kidnapped, Martin and Georges promise Victoire that they will do everything to find him alive.

For his part, Damien analyzed the soil from the hoof of Samuel’s horse. According to him, the doctor was attacked near the Nègue-Vaques stream. While Aurore would like to go there immediately, Martin prefers not because he feels that his colleague is far too emotionally involved in this affair. In his place, he sends Damien and Georges.

Back at the police station, Georges shows Aurore the pictures they took. In one of the photos, Aurore sees a black watch. As it is not the gender of Samuel, the policewoman thinks that it is that of the aggressor. To get confirmation, she sends the photo to Victoire, who in turn shows it to Renaud and William.

Although there is no doubt that it does not belong to Samuel, Victoire is nevertheless convinced that she has already seen this watch somewhere.

Very worried for his son, Renaud then reproaches Victoire for having let Samuel go alone on horseback knowing full well that he was in danger. However, William intervenes and points out that Victoire has nothing to do with it. Immediately, Renaud apologizes to him for having lost his temper.

At the police station, Commander Constant and his men take stock of the case. The kidnapping of Samuel exonerating Paul Camus and Benjamin Ventura, they will therefore be released as soon as possible. Since it is now obvious that it is Victoire who is targeted by all his attacks, Martin instructs Georges to place her under police protection and then to dig around his former patients.

In the hospital, Noor is at the bedside of Cédric who is still unconscious. Moved, the young woman tells him that since their story she has not met anyone. Indeed, she hopes that they will meet again one day and would give anything for him to wake up. Shortly after, Jahia joins her and tells her that Irene collapsed when she heard the news. The teenager then felt helpless, especially since her mother refused to accept reality. When she tries to find out if her father will make it, Noor makes her realize that the chances are low. Seeing her distress, Noor urges her to hang on anyway.

At the end of the day, Victoire receives a message from an anonymous number with a video of Samuel tied up, his face swollen and a leg wound. “Sweetheart, I’m going to need you. I’m going to explain everything to you, but no one should know, especially not the police. For me to stay alive, you have only one thing to do. You have to unplug Cédric Diallo.”.


At the Perrauds, Emma is doing her make-up when Camille sees a beautiful dress hanging on a hanger. As she finds it pretty, Emma gives it to her but Camille is embarrassed, especially since it must cost a small fortune. Emma therefore confesses to him that she stole it for the adrenaline. Moreover, she even offers him to try. Although she hesitates, Camille finally accepts.

After both of them go to a store, Camille steals some jewelry. However, the friends do not stop there and also steal some clothes from another store. On her way home, Camille tries on one of her new dresses. Seeing her new clothes, Maud immediately notices that they are worth a fortune and understands that she has stolen them. While her sister lectures her, Camille begs her not to tell their parents.

Not knowing what to do, Maud therefore turns to Dorian and urges him to speak to Camille. When he asks why his girlfriend is doing this, she explains that she just wanted to have fun. However, she vows not to do it again.


At the Girards, Gaspard tries to find out if his uncle has thought about what he asked of him. Unfortunately, Tristan doesn’t think it’s a good thing for him to see his father after all that’s happened. Although his nephew claims he needs it, the former Spoon boss has no desire to go behind Juliette’s back. Moreover, he indicates to him that he is just his uncle and that he therefore does not have parental authority. But Gaspard did some research. If Tristan gives her a certificate of accommodation, he could become her guardian and thus sign the authorization. Unfortunately, Tristan refuses to lie to Juliette because there have already been enough family secrets. A disappointment for Gaspard who has the impression of being alone against everyone.

Subsequently, Tristan even betrays his nephew’s trust by taking Juliette into his confidence. Obviously, the latter is categorically opposed to it because nothing good can come out of this parlor. This is why she makes an appointment with her son at the Spoon to inform him of her decision. As Gaspard loses his temper and insists on seeing his father, Juliette clarifies that she is doing this to protect him before adding that he tried to kill him. For this reason, he will never have the right to see him again.

Angry, Gaspard finds Jack at the straw hut and tells him about the discussion he had with his mother. For his part, the Roussel son shows himself to be listening.

Back at his uncle’s, Gaspard is cold. Tristan tries to make him understand that he is letting himself sink and pushes him to move on. However, Gaspard knows full well that to get there, he must talk to his father. No matter how much he begs him to understand him, Tristan retorts that it’s a bad idea. Annoyed, Gaspard leaves Tristan’s apartment and refuses to come back until he and his mother want to hear that he needs to see his father.

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