Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1339 of Thursday January 12, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Roxanne the hacker escapes, Amel’s trauma resurfaces. At the same time, Karim tries to have a discussion with Rayane.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday January 12 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Roxane knows who is behind the plane crash and the hospital blackout. So she arrives at Aurore’s to tell her that the mysterious hacker is none other than Mélissa Blain, her ex-girlfriend. It was when she still called herself Aurélie Doumergue that Roxane met Mélissa online. If at first the two young women were rivals, they ended up getting closer and getting together. Only, Roxane left overnight without leaving a trace. According to her, Mélissa did not digest their breakup and twisted when she learned that she was pregnant because she never wanted to have a child with her. Roxane must therefore find a way to corner her while preserving her old identity.

Subsequently, Roxane finds Béatrice at the Spoon. Faced with her small face, Sara’s mother tries to understand what is going on but Roxane makes her believe that she is upset by the investigation which is stalling. Only, she keeps looking at her phone, which does not escape Béatrice who imagines that her stepdaughter is hiding something serious from her. After assuring her otherwise, Roxane waits for Béatrice to go and settle the bill at the counter to send a message to Mélissa.

Later, Roxane finds Lisa and Georges at the police station. Now that they’ve closed the Calfan lead, the cops are expanding their list of suspects. This is why they would like to know if she would not have a person in her entourage who could be angry with her at this point. Of course, Roxane lies and is particularly evasive regarding questions related to her past. Finding her strangely anxious, Lisa is convinced that she is hiding something from them and researches her colleague. Unsurprisingly, the police find nothing compromising.

Roxane receives a message from Mélissa who arranges to meet her a few kilometers from the hospital. The young woman then goes there without knowing that Aurore is following her. Unfortunately, the latter loses its trace in the small streets of the city.

As night falls, Mélissa joins Roxane at the meeting point and declares that she hurt her by leaving her overnight. Besides, she thought she was dead. Upon discovering that she was alive and happily married, Mélissa wanted revenge. Now that they have found each other, Mélissa thinks they can start from scratch. Roxane may explain that it is impossible, she remains convinced that they can draw a line under the past.

When Mélissa tells him that she still loves him, Roxane replies that the girl she knew no longer exists. She therefore asks him to forget her and then to disappear before his colleagues find her. At the same time, Aurore arrives and points her gun at Mélissa. As she is about to arrest him, Roxane intervenes and thus allows Mélissa to escape…


Hearing a closet door slam suddenly, Amel has a panic attack. Indeed, she seems to have developed trauma following the plane crash. Fortunately, Victoire is there and helps the teenager to regain her composure. Lisa, who attends the scene helpless, later confides her distress to her cousin. Certain that Amel suffers from post-traumatic stress, Victoire advises her to take her to see a psychologist.

In the afternoon, Adam arrives at Victoire’s to hear from Amel, who confides how pathetic she finds herself to be in this state when she hasn’t had the slightest scratch. For Adam, it’s completely normal after what she’s been through. To change his mind, François’ son then offers him to take a walk in the garden, but Amel prefers to lock himself in his room.


Faced with Rayane’s behavioral problems, Chloe was forced to summon Romy to high school. And as much to say that the mother of the family is surprised to learn that her son is insolent towards his teachers and his comrades. Chloé then makes him understand that if that doesn’t change, she won’t be able to keep him in her establishment.

Lost, Romy turns to Karim and puts him in the confidence. As she no longer knows what to do, he offers to speak to his nephew but Romy refuses. Indeed, she does not want him to have the position of an authoritarian uncle. Also, she reminds him that he already has his family to manage but Karim replies that he doesn’t have to choose between them and Anna. If he understands her need to fend for herself, he nevertheless signals to her that with Anna, they are there in case of need.

For her part, Rayane openly mocks the photos of Adam in the study room. For his part, Charlie intervenes and puts him in his place with the panache that we know him.

Later, Karim arranged to meet Rayane at the Spoon. Knowing that his uncle wants to lecture him, the teenager asks him to leave him alone because he is tired of being told how to grieve. Although he agrees with him, the policeman nevertheless points out that anger is not the solution. By continuing to act in this way, he especially risks hurting those around him and more particularly his mother. Only, Rayane believes that everything that happens to them is her mother’s fault. If she hadn’t let herself be pushed around so much, they wouldn’t be here today. When Karim enjoins him to stop playing the imbecile otherwise he will have to deal with him, Rayane says that he does not scare him because only his father terrorized him.

At the skate park, Rayane then lets out a few tears…

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