Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1375 of Friday March 3, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Timothée is in danger, Béatrice comes to the aid of Sara and Roxane. Adam and Amel exchange a kiss.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday March 3 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


In the early morning, Lisa and Aurore arrive at the Curtis’s to question Dorian. When the police try to see the checkered scarf that Manon gave him, the teenager cannot find it. When Lisa asks him what he was doing on Tuesday afternoon, Étienne claims that they were together to revise the French baccalaureate. Either way, Lisa is forced to take a DNA sample.

Étienne then finds Alexis who shows him the plan of the villa they are going to rob today. As there are motion detectors everywhere except in the bedroom, it is through this French window that the two burglars will enter the house. Insofar as the plan is based solely on the fact that the owner of the premises has not repaired the alarm, Etienne considers that it is far too dangerous and wishes to retract. Only, Alexis leaves him no choice and threatens to give the murder weapon to the police. He therefore recommends that he concentrate on the plan and shows him photos of the villa. This is how Etienne discovers that they are going to rob the Brunet’s house. According to Alexis, Timothée will not be present because he will be babysitting with his girlfriend on the other side of town.

At the police station, the marking of Dorian’s telephone confirms that the teenager did indeed stay at home on Tuesday afternoon. However, the results of the DNA analyzes prove that the scarf discovered at the crime scene belongs to him. The police then understand that Dorian was indeed in the basement of the villa with Luna. Dorian is therefore summoned to the police station.

There, he is interrogated by Martin and Lisa. While the teenager claims to have lent his scarf to Luna, the police find it hard to believe. And for good reason, Luna’s DNA was not found on the fabric. To make him recover his memory, Commander Constant places him in police custody.

Meanwhile, Victor Brunet receives a call from Alexis who makes him believe that he has information about Romy Saeed that might interest him. According to him, the mother of the family is hiding things from him and could ruin him, or even worse, send him back to prison. Hearing this, Timothée’s father agrees to meet him at the Spoon at 8 p.m.

For her part, Bénédicte cannot reach Étienne. She therefore leaves him a message on his answering machine to tell him that she is coming to the police station and that she and Dorian need him.

At nightfall, Victor goes to the Spoon. As no one comes, he decides to go home.

At the same time, Étienne and Alexis break into his villa. While Etienne is busy opening the safe, Timothée comes home earlier than expected and catches them red-handed. When he summons them to leave, Alexis threatens him with his gun. The moment Etienne manages to open the safe, the alarm goes off. Only, a shot rang out. To reassure him, Alexis swears that he simply wanted to scare the young man. Alexis and Etienne leave the villa with the loot.

Moments later, Victor is on the line with the security service. On returning home, he finds Timothy unconscious in the hallway, bathed in a pool of blood. Immediately, Victor calls for help…


Enora only cries, to the chagrin of her mothers who no longer know what to do to calm their daughter. While they manage to soothe him with a music box, someone rings the doorbell, waking the baby in the process. And it’s Bénédicte who arrives to meet her granddaughter. If the latter does not stop crying, she calms down instantly at the sight of her grandmother.

In reality, Béatrice mainly came to lend a hand to young mothers who are overwhelmed. After doing the laundry, moving the furniture around, protecting the corners, Béatrice also tidied up the apartment.

At the Spoon, Sara confides in Bart how afraid she is that her mother will tell Roxane how to take care of Enora. Very quickly, their discussion is interrupted by Audrey and Nathan who offer them gifts for the birth of the baby. Sara and Bart thank them warmly when Adèle joins them. Once she has congratulated Sara on the birth of her daughter, the latter offers her a dragon stuffed animal for Enora then invites Bart to eat a pancake to celebrate. During their walk, Bart confides in Adèle. And as much to say that the Vallorta son did not think he would be so happy helping his friends to have a baby.

For her part, Béatrice gives the bottle to Enora and tells her daughter that she is proud of her. As the gay couples of her generation were neither married nor parents, Béatrice had buried the idea of ​​being a grandmother. If she is happy for her daughter, she is just as happy for herself.


At the Spoon, Adam, Camille and Amel are having a drink when Soizic arrives. Adam then abandons his friends to spend time with his mother. If she understands that he was in the company of the girl he likes, Soizic is mistaken in thinking that it was Camille. To remove this ambiguity, Adam reveals to her that it is Amel who has her favors. Realizing that she has upset her son, Soizic apologizes to her for being clumsy.

Shortly after, Adam joins Charlie and tells him that it bothers him that his mother judged Amel without knowing her. However, for Charlie, he doesn’t need his mother’s permission to date her. On the other hand, she is tired of seeing him mope and encourages him to take the first step with Amel.

On Charlie’s advice, Adam therefore goes to Amel’s and kisses her before explaining to her that he is in love with her. Since the first day he saw her, the teenager hasn’t stopped thinking about her. This whole photo club thing and the excuses he came up with afterwards were just to hang out with her. Nevertheless, these moments are a torment for him because he constantly struggles with his desire to kiss her. So he had to crack, because he’s thought about that kiss a billion times. Faced with such a declaration, Amel kisses him in turn.

In the evening, Amel is very quiet and has not touched her plate, which has not escaped Lisa and Victoire who understand that she has a lover. Although Victoire wants to know everything, Amel doesn’t really want to tell her everything.

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