Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1376 of Monday March 6, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Timothée recognizes his attacker, Alma has made his decision. Jordan wants to surprise Judith.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday March 6 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Timothée was slightly injured during the burglary. Transported to Saint-Clair hospital, the young man was visited by the police in the early morning. As he does not have clear ideas because of morphine-based painkillers, Victor informs Commander Constant that the burglars have taken him away from his home to commit their larceny. Martin then takes his mobile phone to trace the call of the stranger who called him.

Meanwhile, Karim and Georges have been dispatched to the Brunet villa and quickly understand that the burglars are not amateurs. Indeed, you have to be a professional to open this kind of safe. Shortly after, Georges discovers the bullet that hit Timothée lodged in a step of the stairs. The investigators therefore only have to check if the weapon is on file.

At the police station, Aurore informs Étienne and Bénédicte that Dorian’s custody has been extended and that it is possible that he will finally be referred. Although she is convinced of her nephew’s innocence, the latter is the only one to have been at the scene of the crime and to have seen Jonas alive. The only person who can corroborate his version of events is Luna. Fortunately, this one came out of the coma and will be able to be questioned. When Bénédicte asks to be present during the interrogation, Aurore promises to see what she can do.

Later, Captain Hassan questions Luna in the presence of Bénédicte. Even if she has few memories of this day, the young woman affirms that Jonas was very much alive when they left the basement. Despite the policewoman’s insinuations, Luna swears that she didn’t kill him and neither did Dorian.

For his part, Damien managed to isolate a fingerprint at the scene of the burglary, the same one found on a doorknob in the basement where Jonas Pages died. Lisa then imagines that someone could have gone down to the basement after Luna and Dorian left to kill Jonas. The criminal could then have robbed Brunet’s villa three days later. A hypothesis that allows the release of Dorian.

For his part, Étienne goes to Timothée’s bedside to hear from him. Hearing the voice of the CPE of Agnès Varda, the young man seems somewhat disturbed.

Not far from there, Georges has just received the ballistics report. Unsurprisingly, the weapon is not on file. However, he found spyware in Brunet’s phone. That’s how the robbers knew Timothée was babysitting that night. Having now concrete proof that they are not at their first attempt, Karim fears that they will mount another blow.

Subsequently, Timothée tells Elsa that he recognized the voice of one of the two burglars and that it is Étienne. Only, Elsa finds it hard to believe and thinks that her boyfriend is disturbed by the drugs.

At the end of the day, Dorian is released to the delight of Etienne and Bénédicte. Seeing Alexis in the street, Étienne asks his family to wait for him in the car and then goes to meet him. Alexis did not come for a courtesy visit but to ask Étienne to be ready. Indeed, he intends to make a new robbery and this time, Dorian’s father will not have the right to make mistakes.


Alma has made her decision. Although she loves her life in Sète, the English teacher refuses to live far from the man she loves. This is why she decided to follow him to Paris. To announce the good news, Alma blindfolds Benjamin and then puts on quite a show. Overjoyed, he kisses her passionately telling her that he loves her.

Alma then goes to the Spoon and offers Audrey a small snowball representing one of the monuments of Paris. Quickly, Audrey understands that her friend has agreed to follow Benjamin to the capital. Even if she will miss her a lot, Audrey says she is very happy for her. Since they plan to move to Paris at the end of next week, Alma would like to invite Audrey to dinner before she leaves, which she accepts.

In the aftermath, Audrey receives a visit from Damien. Moved, she tells him the news. If she wonders how she will do without Alma in her life, Audrey also regrets that she is leaving right at the time of their vacation in Morocco. When Damien offers to cancel their stay, Audrey refuses because she needs a break. To reassure her, Damien ensures that Alma will not forget him.

At the hospital, Marianne and Victoire tell Benjamin that he was right to take the job. Once he affirmed that Sète would always remain his city of heart, he adds that he will miss them very much.

At the same time, Alma warned Chloé of her upcoming departure to Paris. Despite the fact that this forces him to find a replacement, the principal of Agnès Varda is delighted for her.


It will soon be five months that Jordan and Judith are together. To mark the occasion, the teenager would like to surprise his girlfriend by finding her a romantic and original gift. However, Jordan has no ideas. This is why he seeks the help of Marianne who offers the pottery. According to her, it’s a very nice activity to do for two. Creating an object together is something magical, sensual and romantic if we refer to the film Ghost.

On Marianne’s advice, Jordan takes Judith to a pottery workshop. An original idea that surprised the young woman. Meanwhile, Marianne tells Renaud how caring Jordan is for his granddaughter. In reality, Dr. Delcourt seeks above all to make her understand that she needs him to sell her dreams.

In the afternoon, Marianne goes to the farmhouse. The opportunity for Judith to show her the vase she made during her class. As she would like to offer it to him, Marianne tells him that it is ugly but encourages him to continue pottery lessons hoping that it will click.

At the end of the day, Chloé and Renaud have a coffee at the Spoon because it has the impression that he has been irritating or even boring his wife for some time. Since they don’t have the same idea of ​​free time, Chloe encourages her stepfather to offer her something that would please both of them.

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