Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1440 of Friday June 2, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… As Soizic descends into paranoia, Vanessa’s transfer does not go as planned. At the same time, Sylvain takes a return of karma, and Vince helps Diego to recover his memory.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, June 2 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Vanessa escapes during her transfer

Questioned by Aurore and Karim in the presence of Bart, Mathilde admits having decided to take action three months ago, when she learned the date of Vanessa’s trial. She claims that no one knew about her plan and that she bought a gun from the owner of a bar in her village, with money earned through odd jobs. She then took a boat to Italy and then a train to Sète, knowing that she would not go through airport security with a gun.

Bart, meanwhile, explains that he did not see Mathilde shoot Vanessa. He simply saw her running away and tried to catch up with her, to no avail. He then asks the teenager why she committed such an act. Upset, Mathilde replies that she cannot accept her mother’s death, she thinks of her every day. But she assures Bart that she would never have let him pay for her. Before leaving, Bart asks Karim and Aurore to be indulgent with the young girl. According to him, she has already suffered enough.

Once free, Bart finds Adèle, who rushes into his arms. He explains to her that if he didn’t defend himself, it was to protect Mathilde.

Learning that Vanessa will be discharged from the hospital today, Soizic is overwhelmed by a wave of anxiety. She tries to convince Aaron that her patient needs a longer post-operative follow-up, but to no avail. Aaron has no reason to keep Vanessa Lehman around any longer. Understanding that the trial of the murderess will soon be able to resume, Soizic hastens to call François to tell him the bad news. Soizic still doesn’t want to talk about the threats she received from the police and wants to shelter Adam during the trial.

Afraid for his son, Soizic leaves to wait for him at the end of high school. Paranoid, she jumps at the slightest noise and is suspicious of all passers-by, which does not fail to surprise Adam, who does not understand his mother’s behavior.

At the hospital, it was time to leave for Vanessa. She is escorted by a prison guard who seems to want to be discreet and lowers his head while walking alongside the prisoner. Vanessa thanks Aaron for everything and apologizes to Victoire.

Once she leaves, her transfer to prison does not go as planned and quickly turns tragic. While Vanessa pretends to be asleep, the prison guard, who drives the van and is therefore the killer’s accomplice, asks his colleague if everything is going well in the back of the vehicle. Taking advantage of the inattention of the second guard, Vanessa takes off her handcuffs, grabs a syringe that she had hidden on her, gets up and pricks the neck of the prison employee who collapses. She then grabs her gun.

At the police station, Sébastien informs Aurore that Mathilde should benefit from a certain leniency from the prosecution, despite her premeditation. But their conversation is interrupted by a call informing Aurore that the prison van which ensures Vanessa’s transfer has not arrived at the prison.

Aurore and Karim end up tracking down the van, but it’s already too late. Vanessa and the driver vanished.

Judith is troubled by Vince

Judith, Jordan and Diego are walking on the beach when they see Vince, which doesn’t fail to annoy Jordan who can’t stand it. By meeting Diego, the life coach has the feeling that Diego is looking for something he knows nothing about. He encourages the teenager not to give up. Jordan is obviously exasperated by Vince, but Judith and Diego are amazed that he was so right. After all, the coach is unaware of the young man’s amnesia.

A little later, while enjoying an ice cream, Diego has a flash: he remembers coming to the same place with his parents when he was a child. Could he be recovering his memory? In any case, he necessarily makes the link with what Vince told him a little earlier.

After a meditation session, Judith finds Vince on the beach and explains to him that Diego has amnesia and that he has just found a childhood memory. The coach admits to him being very intuitive and sensing what prevents people from moving forward. But he laments that it does not work on his own person. Looking Judith straight in the eye, he confides to her that he doesn’t know if he has a chance with a girl he has just met and who he really likes. Judith is troubled by this statement and leaves.

She then confides in Noor about this conversation. Judith admits that she felt flattered, but assures that nothing will happen between them because she is very much in love with Jordan.

Alex discovers Sylvain’s lies

Despite the false leap he gave them the day before, Alex goes to Sylvain’s with a view to continuing the renovation work on his sailboat, but Sylvain claims to have been sick all night. He explains to his friend that he is smeared and that Tristan has the same symptoms as him. He thinks he’s eaten bad fish and confides to Alex that he doesn’t feel able to accompany him on the boat.

Later, while he is jogging on the beach, Etienne however sees Sylvain and Tristan in the middle of a fishing trip. He immediately calls Alex who can’t believe that his friend has lied to him like that. Etienne, he is not so surprised. After all, Sylvain changes his passion every week.

After three hours of fishing with their feet in the water, sea bream are scarce for the two imaginary patients. Sylvain thinks he is paying the price for his betrayal. Tristan then realizes that his friend has once again lied to Alex, which drives him crazy. He encourages her to tell him the truth when Alex arrives at the same time by surprise on the beach.

Sylvain apologizes to her and explains that he wanted to enjoy life, after having spent 19 years working. Alex understands completely but does not accept that he took them, Etienne and him, for idiots by making them work in his place. But as always, Alex can’t hold it against his best friend for long and ends up joining Sylvain and Tristan to fish.

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