Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1499 of Thursday August 24, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Manon once again goes beyond the legal framework of the investigation, Raphaëlle has a new admirer. At the same time, Lisa surprises Soizic and Aaron when the latter was supposed to be working.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday August 24 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Manon finds traces of arsenic at the Brunet wine estate

Diego was hospitalized after his illness. He was severely dehydrated, but the teenager is already feeling better. Given his symptoms, and in particular the stomach aches he felt during the day, William thinks possibly of gastro, but he prefers to keep Diego to make him pass other exams because he cannot completely rule out the track. of poisoning. Alex makes the connection with what happened to Bruno Paoletti, but William does not think that the two cases are linked. After all, Diego and Bruno don’t frequent the same places and don’t work in the same place.

However, later, William confides in Manon that he begins to suspect that a bacterium, a chemical pollutant, a virus or a contamination of the food circuit is at the origin of what happened to Bruno and Diego. If this is confirmed, William fears that many other patients will arrive suffering from the same symptoms.

Interpelled by the confidences of her father, Manon then plunges back into the depositions of Luc Messas. She discovers that Florence, the manager of the winery, had symptoms similar to those of Paoletti and Diego before she died. Since Diego also works at the Vaugreniers estate, Manon finds the coincidence a bit strange.

Nordine points out to his girlfriend that Paoletti never worked there, but Manon noticed that the construction site where Paoletti worked was very close to the winery. Two places which, according to the maps of the basements recovered at the geological research office, share the same water table.

Manon and Nordine then go to the estate and question Jack and Rayane. The two teenagers admit to having been a little sick the previous week but suppose that their condition was linked to the bottles of expired wine which they abused. Despite Nordine’s reluctance, Manon decides to go around the estate to take samples. She thinks the estate uses pesticides.

Manon ends up finding strange cans without labels and is about to take a sample when she is interrupted by Victor Brunet who points out to her that she has no right to search without a letter of request and asks her to leave the premises. Fortunately, Manon, who has walked near the cans, has another idea. Once in the car, she takes a little soil from under her shoes, convinced that traces of chemicals could be there.

Back at the police station, Manon asks Damien to carry out analyzes on the soil she has just taken from the wine estate. Damien is reluctant at first, he reminds Manon that all this is out of procedure. But on learning that several people may have been poisoned, the forensic science technician agrees to carry out the analyzes requested.

Damien does not take long to discover that the sample contains a very high concentration of arsenic. According to Damien, arsenic poisoning would explain all the symptoms described by Manon. The young woman therefore thinks that Brunet is responsible for the death of Florence Messas.

Gilles falls in love with Raphaëlle

Gilles goes for a coffee at the Spoon and comes across Chloé and Raphaëlle. When he meets his niece’s best friend, Gilles is hypnotized. He loses all his means and can’t line up two sentences without stammering. Chloé invites him to join them, but Gilles prefers to slip away. Raphaëlle, amused, points out to Chloé that her uncle looks funny, although somewhat shy. For Chloé, shyness is not really what characterizes Gilles. She doesn’t recognize him and has the feeling that he fell in love with Raphaëlle.

Once on the construction site of his house, Gilles begins to hum, which does not escape Sylvain who has the impression that Marianne’s brother is in love. Gilles confirms that he has fallen in love with a woman, but, according to him, she is too young and too good for him. Sylvain encourages him to try his luck despite everything.

Gilles succeeds in obtaining a professional meeting with Raphaëlle. He goes to her office, offers her a bouquet of roses, and claims to need her help to install a veranda on his land. The lawyer stresses that town planning law is not her speciality. Moreover, Raphaëlle is not fooled, she knows very well that Gilles is not really there for his skills as a lawyer.

Through to the day, Gilles admits to having a soft spot for her and invites her for a drink. Raphaëlle tells her that she already has someone in her life. Gilles asks him if his companion is aware of how lucky he is. Raphaëlle thinks it is. Gilles resigns himself to leaving and not persevering, but he then finds Judith and continues to loop over Raphaëlle and Martin. He has a hard time getting his crush out of his head, which doesn’t fail to amuse Judith.

Lisa suspects Aaron of lying to her

After spending the night at Lisa’s house, Aaron goes to the hospital. He thinks he is late for his 11 o’clock operation and is surprised to see that Doctor Dumaze is not yet preparing for the operation. Renaud then points out to him that the operation is actually scheduled for the next day and that he has come to work on his day off. Amused, Soizic makes fun of Aaron and tells him that love makes him lose his mind, before inviting him to go to lunch. She wants to know all about her budding relationship with Lisa.

While walking with Victoire, Lisa is surprised to see Aaron on the terrace with Soizic when he was supposed to be working. Suspecting him of having lied to her about her schedule, Lisa, who can’t stand being made fun of, decides to call Aaron to see if he will answer. Soizic advises Aaron not to answer and to be desired. Doctor Leclercq decides to follow the advice of his colleague, which does not please Lisa who, exasperated, arrives and confronts Aaron. Amused, Aaron kisses her passionately and takes her in his arms.

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