Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1500 of Friday August 25, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… As the evidence accumulates against Victor, Dorian and Etienne are in danger. At the same time, Soraya is uncomfortable because of Gabriel, and Marianne investigates Aaron and Soizic.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday August 25 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Victor is taken into custody

At breakfast, Aurore, very angry, reframes Manon and accuses her of having carried out the investigation on her own at the Brunet wine estate the day before and of having acted out of procedure. She admits all the same that, thanks to her daughter, many people will perhaps be able to be saved. But given that Manon did not follow the procedure, they will have to play it smart to build a solid case and succeed in bringing down Brunet.

Aurore and Manon disembark at the wine estate, accompanied by two agents from the Regional Health Agency responsible for taking samples. Aurore informs Victor Brunet that he is suspected of having used sodium arsenite, a highly toxic product banned since 2001, to treat his vines. An investigation has therefore just been opened for arsenic poisoning on its employees. Brunet denies having used these chemicals and claims to be the victim of judicial harassment. But Aurore has a rogatory commission to search the estate.

Unfortunately, the empty cans discovered the day before by Manon and Nordine have disappeared from the vineyard. For Manon, it’s more proof that Brunet is a suspect in this case, but Aurore knows that they can’t prove anything without the cans. So she decides to try a bluff and asks Victor to follow them to the police station. Brunet accepts but promises to file a complaint against Manon for breaking and entering. He then swears to Romy that he did nothing wrong and it was a mistake. He just took the empty cans to the dump the day before as they had been lying around here too long due to lack of staff.

At the police station, Victor is joined by Raphaëlle. He asked the lawyer to represent him, but she hesitated. By ensuring her defense, she would find herself facing Diego, who is under the responsibility of Chloe, her best friend. Not to mention Romy and Rayane, to whom she is attached. Brunet proclaims his innocence and swears that he would never have put Romy in danger. Moreover, he works on this area every day, so he would not have taken the risk of poisoning himself. Brunet is convinced that someone has defiled the grounds of the estate to harm him. Raphaëlle finally agrees to represent him.

During her interrogation, Aurore announces to the businessman that traces of arsenic have been discovered in the blood of Florence Messas, while the results of the samples taken on the estate reveal arsenic at a very high rate. . The whole estate is contaminated, from the soil to the vines and the water. Aurore decides to place Brunet in police custody for the manslaughter of Florence Messas, but also for the poisoning of Diego Lutti.

At the wine estate, Rayane, who learned from Jack about Brunet’s placement in police custody, informs her mother and lets her know that they must leave the place as soon as possible if they don’t want to be poisoned too. Romy refuses to believe that Victor could have put them in danger. But Rayane finally manages to convince her to leave.

Not far from there, in the hinterland, Etienne and Dorian have decided to camp among men and pitch their tent. Dorian offers his father to go swimming, without suspecting that, on the other side of the shore, an individual is pouring a toxic product into the lake. Dorian stays on board, but Etienne immediately dives in and puts his head under water. Will he be the next victim of the polluter who seems to be raging in Sète?

Soraya does not assume her feelings for Gabriel

Noor tells her sister that she ran into Gabriel by chance at the Spoon two days ago and they had a great time. She adds that she has the impression of having rediscovered the Gabriel she knew, funny, nice, attentive.

In the office, Soraya is quite cold and distant with Gabriel, which does not escape Raphaëlle. She wonders if something wouldn’t happen between Soraya and Gabriel. A romantic relationship that they would try to hide from him for the sake of professionalism. Soraya stops him right away: nothing is happening between Gabriel and her. She explains to Raphaëlle that Gabriel is her little sister’s ex and that a relationship between them is simply impossible.

A little later, Gabriel passes by Soraya’s office to talk about what happened between them two days earlier. The young woman assures that there is no ambiguity. They had a little too much to drink, but are just friends. Gabriel is not convinced and blames the blow.

At the end of the day, Soraya has a drink at the Spoon with Victoire and Lisa. She confides to them that she has a boy in mind, but that this one is not made for her. She therefore decides to let it go, even if she admits that it is not easy for her to give up this man.

Renaud is mistaken about Aaron and Soizic

Renaud noticed the complicity between Aaron and Soizic. Convinced that they are a couple, he shares his suspicions with Marianne. She can’t believe it and seems annoyed at not having been aware of this hot scoop before.

Marianne can’t help going to see Soizic to congratulate her on having won the battle against Victoire. Soizic does not quite understand what Doctor Delcourt is referring to. She asks Soizic to be discreet and not to let his relationship with Aaron impact his work. Amused, Soizic announces to Marianne that she is not in a relationship with Aaron. They just became friends because they arrived at the same time in Saint-Clair. True to form, Marianne tries to find out more about Aaron’s private life. Soizic tells him that he has a relationship with Lisa Hassan, Victoire’s cousin.

Later, Marianne and Renaud are having a drink at the Spoon when Doctor Dumaze sees Aaron and Lisa kissing. He thinks Aaron is cheating on Soizic and looks outraged. Very amused, Marianne decides to make her husband walk a little, before admitting to him that Aaron and Lisa are together. She then advises Renaud to leave the gossip to the professionals.

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