Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1501 of Monday August 28, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Dorian and Etienne are in turn contaminated, concern grows. At the same time, Soraya ends up confessing the identity of her crush, and Gilles flees from his responsibilities.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday August 28 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Etienne is in mortal danger

Etienne and Dorian are back in Sète after camping for three days near a lake. Dorian feels tired and nauseous. He decides to go rest, while his father has planned to go running.

At the police station, Aurore informs Karim that Brunet did not lie: he did drop off the cans seen by Manon at the recycling center on Thursday. And these did not contain any toxic products, just authorized phytosanitary products. Having nothing left against him, the police are forced to release Victor from custody. Karim does not understand where the arsenic pollution comes from. But Manon has a theory: the common point between the vineyard and the construction site of Gilles is the water table. It is therefore the water in the region that is polluted. It remains to be seen who contaminated the groundwater.

At the Spoon, Romy is annoyed by this story of arsenic. She can’t believe that Brunet could put her and her son in danger like this. Rayane is not surprised and is happy that the businessman has been arrested. He asks his mother not to think about him anymore. Romy then tells her son that she has landed an interview for a job in events. But it’s a one-month fixed-term contract… in Toulouse. She will therefore have to go away and is afraid to leave him alone. Rayane promises that everything will be fine.

After Bruno and Diego, it’s Dorian’s turn to fall ill. He lands in a feverish state at the hospital and feels unwell under William’s eyes.

Against Rayane’s advice, Romy agrees to have a drink with Victor at the Spoon. She tells him that she won’t be coming back to work at the estate and that things are too complicated between them. She adds that she no longer wants her borderline business, which reminds her too much of Malik. Brunet begs her to give him a chance, but Romy assures that she has already made up her mind. She then reveals to Victor that she has accepted a position in Toulouse and that she must leave at the end of the week. Brunet accuses the blow.

Cared for by his uncle, Dorian escaped the worst. He blames himself and regrets having drunk water from the lake during the weekend. He explains to William and Bénédicte that Etienne also drank the water from the lake, that he bathed for quite a long time and that they used the water to cook pasta. Everything suggests that he too will fall ill.

Bénédicte tries to reach Etienne, who is starting to feel stomach cramps while jogging. He receives the call from his wife but does not have time to pick up, his cell phone battery is flat. Etienne then feels unwell in the middle of nowhere. Bénédicte tries to call him back but falls on his mailbox.

While Dorian’s analyzes confirm that he was poisoned with arsenic, everyone remains without news of Etienne. Bénédicte begins to worry. Aurore decides to ask Georges to block her brother-in-law’s phone. Meanwhile, Etienne has still not regained consciousness. Will he die?

Victoire discovers that Soraya is in love with Gabriel.

At the Spoon, Victoire asks Soraya questions and tries to find out who the man she fell for is. Soraya swears that her friend does not know him and that she will never guess who it is, but Victoire insists and ends up understanding that it is Gabriel. She admits that the situation is not obvious.

Soraya explains to Victoire that, as soon as she meets Gabriel, she feels something, it’s stronger than her. Victoire suggests that she have a real discussion with the young man, but Soraya fears the reaction of Noor, who has been on Gabriel for weeks when they have never really been together despite their sex friends period. To forget about Gabriel, Victoire then advises Soraya to find a new target by going back to dating apps.

Charlie visits Gabriel at the firm and becomes interested in his friend’s love life. She tries to find out how long he hasn’t had an intimate relationship. Gabriel claims to have too much work right now for that sort of thing. Determined to help him, Charlie decides to reactivate Gabriel’s profile on dating apps.

At the same time, Soraya meets Simon Leclercq in town. The lawyer tries once again to seduce Soraya and tries to find out if she is single. He adds that he never believed her number the other day, when she made him believe that she was in a relationship with his assistant. He refuses to believe that Soraya could be attracted to Gabriel, although he admits that the reverse could be possible. Annoyed, Soraya prefers to end the conversation and slips away.

At the end of the day, Soraya finds Noor at the Spoon and takes a look at the profiles on her dating app. The two sisters come across the profile of Simon Leclercq, then that of Gabriel, which does not fail to upset Noor. Soraya tries to reassure her sister by hypothesizing that Gabriel just forgot to cancel her subscription. But Noor notices that he uploaded new photos and even changed his bio. It is now Soraya’s turn to blame the blow.

Gilles and Sylvain run away from their responsibilities

Sylvain gives Alex a hand at the farmhouse. Alex asks him if he has any news from Gilles, but that is not the case. Sylvain assumes that he must not be in too much of a mood because of the contamination on his site and what happened to Bruno Paoletti.

But in reality, Gilles is doing very well, he is lounging by the pool with Renaud and Marianne, to the great despair of his sister. Marianne encourages her brother to resume work on his house, but Gilles does not want to take the risk of going back there when this story of arsenic pollution is not settled. Faced with the insistence of his sister, who seems in a hurry to get rid of him, Gilles nevertheless agrees to think about resuming the work.

But a little later, he seems to have changed his mind. Joined by Sylvain, Gilles preferred to stay near the swimming pool. The two men embark on a game of Scrabble and are then joined by Renaud, which does not fail to annoy Marianne once again.

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