Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1665 of Monday April 15, 2024 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… The police are hot on Dorian’s heels, while he plans his escape. A prying eye watches Charles and Jessica’s romance. Agnès and Bruno’s relationship hangs by a thread.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read on.

Monday April 15 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Dorian plans his escape

After contemplating suicide by jumping from one of the high school windows, Dorian decided to continue living. Using a prepaid cell phone, he calls his father to reassure him, as well as to tell him the truth.

Dorian says he had an altercation with Simon about Camille because he is certain that he manipulated her. So he wanted to force her to leave her. As he didn’t want to hear anything, Dorian followed him until the evening. Going upstairs, he surprised him on the balcony, kneeling next to Maud unconscious on the floor. Dorian twisted. An argument ensued until Dorian pushed Simon and he fell over the railing. At the same time, Dorian accidentally tore off the medallion that Simon wore around his neck. The young man then had just time to hide when Camille came out of the bathroom to return to the balcony.

Despite these damning confessions, Dorian promises his father that he never wanted Simon to fall from the balcony. Étienne believes him and encourages him to tell the truth to the police before he can be defended at his trial. But Dorian knows full well that he will go to prison. Unlike his mother, he feels unable to bear it and prefers to go far away by sailboat.

At the police station, Martin and Aurore have no trace of Dorian until Roxane informs them of her call to her father. She explains that the young man intends to flee alone by sea. She has obviously informed the harbor master’s office.

Meanwhile, Camille is at Simon’s bedside as he wakes up from his coma. The young girl immediately calls a nurse. Very moved, Camille tells Simon that she loves him and that she didn’t mean what she said to him at the party.

A little later, Lisa and Aaron come to visit him. His brother declares that he is officially out of the woods, but that he must remain under observation for a few more days. Simon realizes that he wears a medallion around his neck, below his neck brace, although he remembers very well that his was torn off by Dorian when he pushed him. Aaron admits that he lent him his when he was in a coma.

In the hospital hall, Camille announces the good news to Raphaëlle and Maud. These suggest getting to know Simon over coffee as soon as he is released.

For their part, Martin and Aurore are hiding out at the marina. They question the owner of the boat moored next to that of the Curtises. The latter confirms that Dorian was supposed to rent his boat to him around noon, but he has had no news since. Aurore thinks her nephew is covering her tracks on purpose.

At the hospital, Camille returns to Simon while Sara comes to question him. Simon clearly identifies Dorian as his attacker, then recounts precisely everything that happened. Camille has difficulty understanding her ex’s behavior. The policewoman then leaves the couple alone, confirming to Simon that the search operation for Dorian is still in progress.

At the end of the day, Dorian boards a sailboat and sets sail…

Agnès makes a gesture towards Bruno

At the Spoon, Bruno finishes his breakfast of coffee and a croissant. When Mona comes to clear him out, he hesitates to order a second croissant before giving up, declaring that it is not reasonable. At the counter, Agnès hears their conversation and discreetly asks Mona to bring her a second croissant of her own. She then decides to pay her bill in full. After being sworn to secrecy, Mona can’t help but tell Bruno, certain that it is a flirting technique.

Annoyed, Bruno leaves the café and catches up with Agnès in the street. He declares that he is quite capable of paying for himself to eat and refuses to let her pity him. He insists on returning the money and tears his coat pocket. Furious, Agnès gets into her car, then leaves.

At the Mas, Bruno tells Alex the situation. The latter is convinced that Agnès acted through a game of seduction and not out of charity. He urges his friend to find a way to apologize. Bruno therefore returns to the Spoon to ask Mona if Agnès is a regular customer. The cook gives him absolutely all the information she has about him, including her profession, her marital status, as well as the neighborhood where she lives.

Jessica trapped by Charles?

At the Spoon, Charles helps Jessica write an email to the town hall in order to obtain authorization to organize her outdoor parade. He takes the opportunity to invite her for a drink at his place that same evening because he has his mother’s house all to himself. Jessica declines, explaining that she has too much work.

At the hospital, Jessica confides in Noor that the hater’s attacks keep getting worse. The girls decide to talk about something else. Noor wants to know where her friend stands with Charles. Jessica admits that she found the young man too direct when he invited her for a drink at his place. Noor nevertheless encourages him to let himself go for a fun and light relationship. Jessica therefore decides to call Charles to tell him that she has changed her mind.

For his part, Charles had already planned everything: aperitif and bouquet of flowers. When Jessica arrives at his house and realizes this, he explains that he secretly hoped she would change her mind. Seduced, Jessica kisses him and asks him to take her to his room.

Jessica and Charles share an intimate moment. Charles also offers Jessica to spend the night with him, which she accepts… without knowing that a mini-camera is placed on the shelf, filming them.

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