Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1670 of Monday April 22, 2024 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Christelle adds fuel to the fire between Charles and Jessica. Simon pleads for his own cause. François pulls out all the stops.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read on.

Monday April 22 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Charles is suspected by the police

Friday, when Jessica and Charles had just stored all the belongings from the fashion show in a large one of the wine estate, it caught fire. Jessica rushed inside to save her collection, quickly followed by Charles, who came to lend her a hand. In the process, Jessica burned her hand superficially.

Monday, Jessica and Charles go to the police station where they are received by Karim. The latter easily suspects the stalker, who had already threatened to set fire to Jessica’s clothes, of being behind this fire. Charles does not hide his concern. Karim advises them to keep a low profile while waiting for the results of the PTS. He then observes Charles taking chewing gum to stop smoking. Once alone, the Captain asks Sara to take out the seal found last week at the Moreno’s.

At the estate, Aurore finds Damien who confirms that it was arson. Indeed, a half-melted can of gasoline was found. Aurore thinks that the person who attacked Jessica must have been someone close to her.

Beginning to have suspicions about Charles, Karim and Sara go to the hospital to question Christelle about him. She describes him as rather charming, very attentive to his daughter. Karim, however, tells him that Charles has been in debt since the failure of his hotel in Greece. Christelle then makes the link with her husband’s watch which disappeared when they hosted Charles a few days after the sex tape affair.

Authorized by Karim to explore this lead, Sara arranges to meet Jessica at the Spoon in order to question her in turn about Charles. Sara points out that they haven’t known each other for long, that he uses nicotine gum, that the camera that filmed their antics was in his bedroom and finally, that her father’s watch disappeared when they ‘have hosted. But Jessica defends her boyfriend, saying he is a huge support to her.

Back at her parents’ house, Jessica puts Charles’ bag under their noses so that they can search it and check together that there is no watch. In fact, there isn’t one. Moreover, Sylvain admits that it was he who sold it. On the other hand, Jessica finds a box of nicotine chewing gum in Charles’ belongings. But she doesn’t linger there and goes to the winery.

Once Jessica leaves, Sylvain admits to Christelle that he made risky financial investments and that they lost money. They will now have to be careful with their spending. Sylvain also commits to working again.

At the estate, Jessica finds Charles who is setting up the stage. While she expresses her doubts about the point of maintaining the parade, he is there again to encourage and reassure her. At the same time, the models arrive for rehearsals.

Maud is the first to walk on the podium. As she reaches the end, spotlights come loose and fall a few meters from her, causing her to fall…

Will François ask for Soizic’s hand again?

From breakfast onwards, Soizic is in a very good mood. However, she becomes disillusioned when François announces that he is going to dinner with Étienne and colleagues the next evening in order to cheer him up in the face of everything he is going through, between his wife in prison and his son on the run. Annoyed, Soizic goes to work. François and Adam are in fact accomplices in a surprise towards him.

At the hospital, Soizic confides to Noor that François has forgotten his birthday, the date of which is precisely the next day. Her colleague and friend then offers to console herself by spending the evening with her. For his part, at high school, François shows Agnès the gift he planned to give Soizic. The physics-chemistry teacher is certain that Soizic will be delighted.

At the end of the day, Soizic is on the phone with Noor and speaks loudly on purpose so that François can hear him. She talks about their evening planned the next day, mentioning restaurants and nightclubs. Annoyed because he is correcting papers, François leaves to set the table. Still on the phone, Soizic takes a look at François’ computer and comes across an email confirming a reservation for a honeymoon in the Seychelles. Overjoyed, Soizic confides to Noor that her ex-husband plans to propose to her again for her birthday.

Simon leaves the hospital

Diego goes to high school in accompanied driving with his mother. There, he runs into Maud, who takes the opportunity to dispel the unease that has developed between them since he blew her off at the party, when she declared her feelings to him.

A little later, Diego and Bastien discuss the maths DS that they have just taken. Diego thinks he missed. Maud suggests that they go to work together at the CDI. Diego kindly declines, explaining that he rather wants to let off some steam at the gym. Bastien realizes that the dialogue is much more fluid between his two friends.

Meanwhile, Aaron accompanies Simon who is finally leaving the hospital. The latter takes the opportunity to return his medallion to his brother. At that moment, Camille comes to pick up Simon with joy.

Once outside, the latter immediately goes, alone, to the office, in order to have a frank discussion with Xavier and Raphaëlle. He declares that he sincerely loves Camille like he has never loved anyone before. He asks them to give him the benefit of the doubt, affirming that he will never prevent Camille from flourishing. His speech seems rather convincing in the eyes of the young girl.

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