Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What to Expect in Episode 1722 on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… In an incongruous place, a discovery reshuffles the cards. At the hospital, a well-known doctor returns to duty. Lisa has surprising symptoms.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us airing tomorrow night on TF1! If you prefer not to know anything, do not read on.

Tuesday July 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Igor Belinski arrested by police

Following Georges and Roxane’s research, new damning evidence against Igor Belinski allows a search of his home. The latter complains to Sébastien. Georges then comes directly to ask him where the cooling blankets are. Igor claims that he doesn’t know anything and that Clarisse probably bought them. Since the police can’t get their hands on them, Sébastien decides to leave it at that.

At the police station, Georges and Martin check Igor’s information and discover that Clarisse was on her way to go on a weekend trip with a friend when the blankets were purchased. The police therefore suspect Igor of getting rid of them. Damien analyzed the back-tracking on his phone and realized that he did indeed stop at a dump.

Georges and Roxane question the employee of the recycling center who tells them that Igor insisted on going in, even though it was a day reserved for construction. The employee claims to have seen him throw two new cooling blankets, then confides that he got them from his home. Georges demands that he give them back to them.

Meanwhile, Bastien thanks Violette for having him stay at her place for the night. When Jordan comes to meet his girlfriend, Bastien decides to go back to the house to give them some privacy. Violette informs him, however, that Philippine is taking steps so that he can move in with them.

At the police station, Georges and Martin show Sébastien the blankets they recovered. One of the two is defective, which explains why the fuses blew several times at Igor’s. In addition, blood stains are revealed thanks to Luminol. Now, the police have all the evidence necessary to charge Igor. Sara and Nordine proceed to arrest him, while Sébastien goes to his daughter’s office to receive her support. Indeed, the Prosecutor feels betrayed by his long-time friend and says he is ready to erase him from his life.

Shortly after, Martin questions Igor who confesses to the murders of Clarisse and John, explaining that he couldn’t bear to learn that his wife was cheating on him. However, if Igor claims that he improvised everything as he went along, Martin has the necessary evidence to retort that he, on the contrary, planned everything methodically. He thus risks life in prison.

When Igor is brought before the judge, Sébastien runs into him in the lobby of the police station. Realizing everything he has done, the Prosecutor declares that Igor disgusts him. The latter, who feels abandoned by his friend, returns his words. This puts Sébastien in a mad rage. He grabs Igor by the collar and pins him against the wall, yelling at him to go to hell…

Lisa is hiding something from those around her

Speaking German in her sleep, Lisa wakes Aaron, who eventually wakes her up in turn. He is surprised that she can speak in this language since she never learned it. Lisa instead thinks that her words made no sense. But this bothers Aaron, who tells Victoire about it.

At the police station, Lisa isolates herself in the break room to take German lessons via an app on her phone. When Nordine surprises her, she pretends she is listening to German music.

At the end of the day, Aaron goes to pick Lisa up at the police station. Nordine runs into them and teases his colleague by speaking to her in German. In front of her partner, Lisa claims that the young man has not stopped teasing her since she told him that he thought he heard her speaking German in her sleep.

Samuel will return to work at the hospital

Back in Sète, Samuel has a coffee with William at the Spoon. William tells him about his relationship problems with Aurore. Samuel thinks that they could patch things up quickly if William did his part, but William sticks to his guns. Samuel, for his part, is ready to move back to Sète. Indeed, following his detoxification treatment, then the death of his father, he realized that it was the only place where he really felt good.

Samuel then goes to the hospital, where he first goes to see Marianne, then has coffee with Victoire. He tells her that Marianne has offered him a job at the hospital. Victoire doesn’t mind.

At the police station, Nordine asks Manon about the tensions between her parents. The young girl confides in him that she is not coping very well with the situation. Nordine admits that men are narrow-minded, referring both to William and to himself. Seeing Manon is receptive, Nordine suggests they go for a drink one of these days. But he is interrupted by Rachel, who has come to pick him up for dinner. She suggests that Manon join them, but she declines, pretending to have dinner with her mother.

Bart takes the hit

At the Spoon, Bart provides the insurance investigator with the reports and invoices for the equipment stolen from the Little Spoon. Since the equipment is old, Bart will not be reimbursed. The investigator advises him to opt for better coverage in the future. Bart charges her with finding a solution, threatening to change insurance companies if she cannot.

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