Tomorrow is ours: Jack about to regain his sight? We have the answer!

Will Jack regain his sight in “Tomorrow belongs to us”? While the character played by Dimitri Fouque has grown closer to Rayane (Sasha Birdy), his blindness remains his main concern. And bad news will soon demoralize him.

Jack will need the support of his loved ones more than ever in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Present on the beach at the time of the crash which shook the daily soap opera of TF1 a few weeks ago and notably plunged Sylvain Moreno into a coma, Jack Roussel (Dimitri Fouque) was severely injured in the face and lost his sight.

Faced with the uncertainty of doctors, who do not know when and if he will recover his sight one day, the brother of Jordan, Lizzie and Leo therefore returned to high school and had to face the gaze of others, who were not always tender. towards him and his blindness.

A newcomer to high school Agnès Varda, Rayane (Sasha Birdy) also made fun of him during the first few days. Before the two teenagers end up getting closer and becoming friends. And maybe more ? The future will tell.

However, the joy of this budding friendship will be tarnished in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us by some very bad news that will take a toll on Jack’s morale.

In a new excerpt unveiled in preview by TF1Jack, who has to change the bandages he has on his eyes, decides to remove them himself, without the help of his mother, in order to find out if he has regained his sight.


And unfortunately, at the moment of opening his eyes, the disappointment is great for Jack: the teenager is still blind. He may pass his hands in front of his eyes, he sees nothing. Upset, he hardly acknowledges the blow.

Audrey (Charlotte Gaccio), who attended the scene, powerless, is obviously touched by what her son is going through. She also seems very disappointed, but lets nothing show in front of Jack whom she ends up joining in his room.

So, will Jack regain his sight soon? Or will the screenwriters of Tomorrow Belongs to Us choose to address blindness permanently in the series through the character? It will take patience to find out.

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, Dimitri Fouque, his interpreter, confided in any case on this subject: “Jack hopes that his wounds will heal but at the same time he is not sure of anything because the doctors are not sure. There is still this hope that he will recover his sight. It will last a little this story”. There is therefore still hope.

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