tonight, air raid warning sirens activated in all the country’s oblasts

Cover image: A residential building in flames requires the intervention of firefighters in Kyiv. June 22, 2023. HANDOUT / AFP

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was ready “to contribute in any way to restore peace”, during an official visit to the White House. India declares itself “totally ready” to support the efforts for peace in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine garners an additional 60 billion euros for its reconstruction, at the end of the international conference on its reconstruction organized in London, rejoiced Thursday the British Foreign Minister, James Cleverly.
  • The European Commission made a new payment of 1.5 billion euros on Thursday under the instrument for macro-financial assistance to Ukraine (MFA+), endowed with a maximum envelope of 18 billion euros.
  • The attacked Changar bridge, essential for Russian supplies to the Kherson region. Known as the “Gateway to Crimea”, the bridge damaged by Ukrainian strikes is one of the only road bridges connecting Crimea – annexed by Russia in 2014 – to the mainland.
  • The head of the IAEA expected in Russia on Friday. Rafael Grossi is expected to meet with the general director of the Russian state nuclear company Rosatom, Alexei Likhachiov, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, quoted by Interfax.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday accused Russia of preparing a ” terrorist attack “ involving a radioactive leak at the Zaporizhia power plant occupied by Russian troops in southern Ukraine.
  • The counter-offensive “will take time”warns the Ukrainian Prime Minister. “There are so many minefields that it is slowing down progress a lot” troops, Denys Chmyhal said Thursday.
  • India and the United States call for respecting the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine. Joe Biden and Narendra Modi expressed, in a press release, their “deep concern over the conflict in Ukraine” And “deplore its terrible and tragic humanitarian consequences”.
  • Jake Sullivan in Denmark. The White House national security adviser is due to attend a Ukraine-hosted meeting in Copenhagen this weekend.
  • Ireland on Thursday launched a public debate under high tension on its security policy raising the question of its military neutralityout of step with the commitment of its allies in the European Union in favor of Ukraine in the face of the invasion of Russia.

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