Tonight on Amazon: only 9 days left to see this brilliant Batman film, barely 1 hour 12 minutes long

Discover the Suicide Squad as it should have been in the cinema in 2016 in David Ayer’s film, but be careful, you only have 9 days left!

The Suicide Squad that we did not have in 2016 live at the cinema had already been well presented two years before in the feature film Batman: Assault on Arkham, available on Amazon Prime Video within the Warner Pass, but leaving the platform in 9 days!

Warner Bros. Animation

Harley Quinn

In this film, the team is made up of Killer Frost, King Shark, Black Spider, Captain Boomerang, KGBeast, Deadshot and the inevitable Harley Quinn. And be careful, the film is violent and allows itself to show blood and even sexual intercourse. Not to be put in front of everyone’s eyes, therefore.

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The team’s mission is simple but obviously suicidal: they must infiltrate Arkham Asylum and go to the storage room to recover the USB key that the Sphinx has hidden in his famous cane. interrogation. It contains the identities of all past and present members of the Suicide Squad that he stole from Amanda Waller, head of the organization, and who wants to recover this sensitive data as quickly as possible.

Warner Bros. Animation

The team

At the same time, Batman searches the city in search of a bomb hidden by the Joker and obviously, his quest will place him on the road to the Suicide Squad.

If for fans of Arkham video games, this Batman: Assault on Arkham, barely 1 hour 12 minutes long, bridges the gap between the Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum games, it is perfectly watchable as such, without having ever played these video game opuses.

Warner Bros. Animation


We find there what makes the flavor of the Batman universe, namely a fairly plump gallery of villains since the adventure takes place in the Gotham asylum, but also a Dark Knight who is not very present, which leaves the villains to take the light of the projectors. However, we will highlight his face-to-face with Amanda Waller, which alone is worth watching the film.

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