Tonight on Netflix: rated 4 out of 5, this moving drama is one of the most viewed films on the platform

Directed in 2017 by Christian Duguay, the new adaptation of the famous novel “Un Sac De Billes” by Joseph Joffo is one of the 10 most viewed films on Netflix this week.

Among the ten most viewed films by Netflix subscribers this week, in third position in the ranking, is Un Sac De Billes, a historical drama by Christian Duguay adapted from the famous eponymous and autobiographical novel by Joseph Joffo (which had already been released in cinema by Jacques Doillon in 1975).

A moving true story

Released in cinemas in 2017, this moving drama won over AlloCiné spectators, obtaining a very good average of 4.077 out of 5. It tells the true story of two young Jewish brothers, Maurice and Joseph (Joffo, future author of the original novel ), in occupied France during the Second World War.

Sent by their parents on the roads of the country to escape the Nazi invasion, the two boys find themselves left to their own devices and then embark on a great journey to escape the enemy and reunite their family at all costs.

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A quality casting

Driven by its powerful theme and its quality staging, Christian Duguay’s feature film attracted more than 1.3 million spectators in French theaters the year of its release.

In addition to its two excellent main performers (the young Dorian Le Clech and Batyste Fleurial), the feature film benefits from an excellent casting on the adult side: Patrick Bruel and Elsa Zylberstein, who play the parents of the two protagonists, as well as Christian Clavier, Bernard Campan or even Kev Adams.

It was also by watching the tests of Dorian Le Clech, the young actor who would play his son, that Patrick Bruel was convinced to participate in the project, as he revealed in the press kit for the film. :

“I was more than amazed… stunned! I had rarely seen an actor of this quality. I felt that something was going to happen with this director and this film. And it was true. throughout this adventure.”

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